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How we began swinging.

Post #1

How we began swinging.Sharon couldn't believe what she was looking at. After saving over $7,000 her bank balance had dwindled down to only $950. Although her income was bolstered by the government's student allowance and the occasional part-time job, she had one more year to complete her teaching degree and hitting the workforce as a fully qualified English teacher.She needed another job, preferably one that paid cash and wasn't traceable by Mr Taxman. The classifieds revealed nothing and she sat forlornly in her inner-city flat pondering her looming financial crisis. With the cost of her rent, food and transport her money would be gone in three months. Her flatmates Jodie and Christine both came from wealthy farming families who, thanks to some creative accounting seemed to always be broke, therefore allowing the girls even greater government support and frequent family handouts. One Saturday night though the three of them were stumbling in a drunken daze down a street in Surry Hills when Sharon noticed a sign looking for wait staff posted outside a small wine bar. With great concentration she entered the number into her phone and saved it. The wine bar looked nice enough, not so big to be crazy busy, but not so small to be dull.The night ended as usual, one of them would pick up and the other two would bitch and moan until they came home with tales of sexual action. Then they would spend the Sunday dissecting the evenings events and whinging about men.Sharon was no prude when it came to sexual exploration. Since leaving home she'd had quite a few partners both long and short term. At one stage she had two men playing for her affections, and her pussy. It ended in disaster of course when one of them came to visit on a Sunday morning only to find her lying on her bed with one of her vibrators lodged in her pussy and the other guy fucking her mouth. As soon as she saw the other guy standing in the door way Sharon wanted them both to fuck her there and then, but after a very brief shouting match the intruder left, followed soon after by the man she'd been sucking off. Neither ever spoke to her again.Being an English teacher in the making, Sharon was a lover of literature, especially well written erotic fiction. The more graphic the sex scenes the better and if the stories had pictures to help tell the tale it was a bonus. Eventually this lead to her perusing the internet looking for stories, videos and images that appealed to her.With a startle she awoke on the Sunday morning as her phone chimed out a reminder about the position vacant advertisement that she had seen taped to the front window of the wine bar. Fortified with caffeine and a bowl of cereal she called the number and completed the shortest job interview in history.The conversation was brief to say the least and as for applying for work it didn't come much easier. After her introduction and a few invented work experience tales, he asked her to come in for a trial for a night. Before she even asked he told her yes, she'd be getting paid $125 cash for the night if she got the job or not.The owner of the wine bar was a slight, neatly dressed Italian man called Vince who turned out to be a rarity amongst business men. Vince genuinely cared for and looked out for his staff. All of the staff spoke fondly of Vince and his generous spirit and most of the casual waitresses had all been there for years. Sharon soon discovered though that not all was as it seemed at the wine bar. When she arrived she was told by Vince that the room up at the top of the stairs was for a private function and that she didn't have to go up there. All she had to do was serve food and drinks to the small gathering of customers downstairs many of which, it soon became obvious, were all invited to the private function upstairs. Many of the guests downstairs came in either wearing or carrying masks for the party that was kicking along only a few feet above. The guests were just your normal, common, ordinary folk. None overly glamorous, but none hideous either. So average in fact that Sharon thought nothing of them. At the end of her first shift, at midnight on a Saturday night, Vince passed her the $125 cash and sat her down in the office out the back. Once he'd told her that she had the job he told her exactly what was upstairs."It's a swingers club," he said."Sorry?" Sharon said in disbelief, "A what?""It's a swingers club," he laughed, "Where people swap partners and have orgies and things like that.""I work at a swingers club?" she said."No, not at all," Vince said, "You work here in the bar and that's all you have to do.""How long has the room upstairs been a swing club?" she asked."About three years," Vince said, "Happened by accident after a small group of them booked it out.""What happened?" "They couldn't help themselves and began having sex in one of the side rooms," he said to a fascinated Sharon, "Then one of the waitresses told me and I confronted them about it.""Wow," Sharon said. "Then one of them made me an offer of becoming a part-owner in a new business venture.""Is it legal?' "Certainly," he said, "Its not a brothel or anything like that."Sharon just sat back and looked up at the ceiling."So there are people up there right now shagging each other?""More than likely," he said, "But as I said you are under no obligation to do anything and if you see anyone acting inappropriately downstairs, or if someone approaches you downstairs that you don't want to, just let me know.""Ok," Sharon said before following with a statement that steered her life in a direction that lay towards her future husband. "Can I go up and have a look?"Vince was shocked "Really?" "Yeah," she said, "I'll only be wondering about it if I don't.""Ok then," Vince said, "I'll get one of the girls upstairs to come down and take you up rather than you just walking in like a single girl.""There are girls upstairs as well?""Yeah," Vince nodded "Kay and Julie do exactly as you do but their uniform, pay and working conditions are somewhat different."He reached for the phone and hit the autodial for upstairs.As he chatted on the phone Sharon tried to recall some of the people she'd seen going up the stairs. There were a few women and quite a lot of men is something she recalled.The term 'Swingers' made her uneasy. Desperate men and dirty sluts is what she immediately thought when she heard the word 'swingers'. Sad couples trying to add a sparkle to the relationship, men forcing their wives into sex, perverts, sado-masochists. They were all terms that she immediately thought of as soon as she heard the word 'swingers'. The stories that she'd read about swingers though usually painted a different picture. These stories were normally about couples enjoying the swinging scene, about the rules in swing clubs and the relaxed attitudes that swingers had about sex. It was these two contrasting notions of swing clubs that had her thinking that a first hand account was the only way to clarify her thoughts."Kay," he said, "Could you go make yourself decent and pop downstairs please."The term 'make yourself decent' intrigued Sharon who could feel the combined beating of a thousand butterflies in her stomach."Now don't be thinking that you have to work upstairs or do anything that you don't want to OK?" Vince said. "Kay and Julia get paid well because they work well and enjoy the job." "How much do they get paid?" Sharon had to ask."I pay them $500 plus they get to keep all the tips."Sharon was silenced. $500 per night was damn fine money.The sound of a pair of high-heel shoes clicking on the steps drew their attention and soon a lady in her late thirties appeared in the doorway. Her hair was mousy brown, shoulder length and curly and she wore a short black coat. Fishnet stockings clad her legs and the high heels weren't the cheaper brands that Sharon could only afford. She smiled at Sharon and rose an eyebrow as a greeting."Kay this is Sharon," Vince said, "Sharon this is Kay."They both nodded and waved."Sharon has decided that she would like to, in her own words, go up and have a look at what happens upstairs.""Really?" Kay said, "Well it's a good night for it because it's a birthday party.""Perfect," Vince said. "Now remember Sharon you don't have to do anything up there other than just look around OK. Some people can be very persuasive.""I'm a big girl," Sharon said as she stood up. She wasn't sure if what she was doing was right or not but her mind and body were humming in anticipation."Let's go then." Kay said.Sharon followed her up the back flight of stairs and when they got to the top Kay stopped and turned to her. ?Vince collects their entrance fees and such and checks them out just here,? she nodded towards a small room before they entered the venue, "This is the bar area so just follow me behind the bar and watch from there okay?"Sharon just nodded and as Kay opened the door the smell of sex, booze and decadence wafted out. At first glance Sharon thought that the bar area was just filled with about thirty naked and semi-naked people of all shapes and sizes chatting. She noticed that on a TV screen above the bar a video of cocks filling a pussy and an arse was showing and to her right she noticed a naked lady sitting on a chair and masturbating as a man fucked her mouth. Then she saw another woman giving hand jobs to two guys and another two women in an embrace. As she moved through the small crowd towards the bar she felt a hand rub her arse and fingers brush up against her hips. The bar was neatly tucked in the back corner and her view of the rest of the bar was obscured by a screen and naked backs.When Vince said that the ladies upstairs had a different uniform she imagined short black skirts and halter tops, not what Kay suddenly revealed. Under that black coat Kay wore nothing more than a pair of fish-net stockings and suspenders and a small apron. No bra, no panties, just her naked flesh.Suddenly Sharon wanted to hug Kay. She wanted to feel her skin, lick her nipples, rub her shaved cunt. She'd never had the urge to touch another woman ever before and she managed, only just, to restrain herself.Kay though poured two beers and a glass of wine and passed them to the woman who must have been Julia.Kay called Julia over and they conspiratorially whispered and nodded towards Sharon who was looking at the woman she'd seen as she entered. She was so entranced that she didn't notice Julia come up behind her."Do you want to come with me?" Julia said to a startled Sharon. "I'll show you around." "Oh, shit, sorry." Sharon said. "You scared me."Julia, who was in her early forties and tall, flicked her blond hair behind her head and nodded behind her."Get behind me and we'll work the room." she said, "Men will probably grope you, just so you know.""It's already happened." Sharon said. "I'm okay with that.""Good," she said. "Let's go get some orders."To make her way through the crowd Julia rubbed arses and patted thighs and soon enough they were in the centre of the room and what Sharon saw made her stop in her tracks. What Sharon thought she'd been watching was a porno video but what it actually was, was a woman in her thirties being fucked in the pussy and arse, and sucking on a cock, as someone videoed her in action. "That's Maria," Julia said, "it's her birthday and she wanted to be in gang-bang video." Looking around the inner circle Sharon noticed several men in masks just standing there pulling on their cocks waiting for the chance to fuck the birthday girl. She wanted to drop to her knees and suck them all. She wanted to feel their hardness, taste their cum. Feel them fucking into her.Transfixed she just stood there watching a man pumping his cock into Maria's arse as she sucked on one of the two cocks at her face. Her pussy was oozing moisture and it took all her inner strength not to squat down and join in. The feeling of a pair of hands rubbing her inside thigh was enough to rouse her from her stupor and she quickly moved the intruders hands away before following Julia over to a small group. A small cheer broke out and Sharon looked back at the gangbang and watched as the man who had been fucking Maria's arse pumped a load of cum over Maria's back. "This is amazing," Sharon said, "I knew it would be wild but not like this.""It's not always like this," Julia said, "Some nights it's really dull.""Really?" "Yeah," Julia said, "But that's where we come in.""What do you mean?""When there isn't a special night on like tonight," Julia nodded around the room, "This place would probably only have about ten or twenty people here.""Surely that's enough," Sharon laughed. "Not when two thirds of them are men.""So," Sharon said, "You take care of some of the men.""Indeed we do," Julia said. "What sort of things?""Well let's put it this way," Julia nodded to Maria "She isn't the first person to be fucked like that in this room."Sharon had nothing but admiration for her new workmates.From where she was standing Sharon had an excellent view of what was happening in the room. Not only was Maria being royally fucked in the middle of the room, but other couples were fucking, sucking, kissing and licking around the room. One lady was riding a man on a leather lounge and next to her another man was having his cock sucked by a thin and beautiful Asian woman. Julia nudged Sharon and nodded down a corridor. "Go have a peak into those rooms down there," "Why," Sharon asked intrigued, "What's there?""Well one is the open shower room and there is a couple of other rooms you can look into if you like.""By myself?" Sharon asked."You'll be right," Julia patted her on the back, "No really does mean no here."Sharon chuckled. "But what if I want to say yes.""You'll have the time of your fucking life." Julia slid her hands down to Sharon's arse and gave it a squeeze, "Off you go then."Feeling somewhat out of place, mainly because she was the only person there fully clothed, Sharon slowly made her way past three men standing along a wall. Each one of them was waiting their turn on Maria and were stroking their rigid cocks as they did so. From the first guys cock hung a thread of pre-cum oozing nicely out. She felt her pussy tingle as she came closer wondering what would happen if she were to reach out and grab it. All three men smiled at the horny 25 year old student as she eyeballed the hard cocks on display. "You're a new face," the first one said. "Welcome."Sharon imagined herself reaching out and wrapping the thread of cum around her finger and popping her finger into her mouth savouring the vinegar tang."Thank you," she said, "The pleasure is all mine." "Or the pleasure will be all yours," the second man said as he offered his cock to her. "Would you like to play?""Maybe later," Sharon desperately wanted to mount his cock, to feel it fill her. "Or another night.""I'm looking forward to it already," he said as the third man nodded in agreement. Sharon just smiled and continued towards the corridor. The Asian lady who had been sucking the guy off stood up as Sharon approached and climbed up onto the lounge. She spun around so that she was in the reverse cowgirl position, smiled at Sharon and slid down onto his cock. Once more Sharon was transfixed on watching the man's hard cock sliding in and out of the thin young woman's sopping wet pussy. The woman kept eye contact with Sharon who was impressed with how taut and sensuous her body was. A cheer came up from the gangbang as one of the guys emptied his cock all over Maria's face, but Sharon quickly looked back at the Asian woman enjoying the cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Sharon had never touched another woman's cunt before but she could tell by how swollen that the Asian woman's clitoris was, that she was ready to cum. Sharon wanted to help her, she could have knelt on the edge of the lounge and rubbed her hand over the woman's heaving chest, sucked her nipples, licked on her clit as he fucked her.Sharon could feel her pussy tingle and become moist with desire. These women weren't under duress, they were enjoying what they were doing. Probably more so than the men. For a moment she considered taking off all her clothes and being fucked on the lounge. It would surely be a story that the girls would be amazed to hear over Sunday brunch. "You haven't even got to the corridor yet," Julia laughed as she approached the staring Sharon.Sharon went to answer Julia but was distracted as another man hopped onto the lounge and offered his cock to the willing woman's mouth.Impressed by the sexual freedom surrounding her, Sharon was becoming more relaxed about what she had thought at first would be a seedy and desperate scene.For years she'd thought that her sexual urges were wrong, that a woman didn't fantasise about being in an orgy or fucked by numerous men. In order to convince herself that those thoughts were wrong she associated swingers with desperate losers unable to pick up. Ergo, she also thought that they'd all be fat and ugly. How wrong she was. Sure some in the club were carrying a few extra kilos but they weren't obese, just a little chunky. Some, like the Asian woman who was now taking two cocks, were absolutely gorgeous. Julia put her hand out to Sharon."Come with me," she said, "Let's see if anything is happening down here."Down the corridor were three rooms, two on the right and one, the group shower room, on the left. Julia stopped at the first door and flicked back a screen that was fixed in the centre of the door. "This is a private room where if you want to take a man, or a few men, or a few women, you can." Julia said as she peaked inside. "You can always peek but you don't go in unless you were invited.""What's happening now?" Sharon asked."Take a look yourself," Julia stood back.Sharon bent over and saw one lady sandwiched between two men as another woman sat plunging a dildo into her own pussy as she watched."Fucking amazing." Sharon whispered to herself. "And down here," Julia dragged the reluctant to leave the foursome Sharon by her hand. "Is the room where those that like things a bit kinky go."The walls were bare brick and from them hung shackles, lengths of chain and in one corner a collection of whips. But Sharon's eyes were drawn immediately to the petite lady in her thirties that was seemingly restrained in a pair of stocks. Behind her a man was fucking into her pussy and in front a man was fucking her mouth. "Jesus," Sharon said as she walked in."This is Lisa," Julia said, "She's not really shackled in, she can get out whenever she likes."Sharon just nodded and pushed at a swing that hung in the middle of the room. "How does this work?" Lisa looked up from the stocks and stopped sucking the hard cock in her mouth. "I'll show you if you like," Lisa said releasing herself from the stocks. Sharon admired Lisa's petite form and her neatly trimmed pussy. Once more she found herself drawn towards the three of them as they moved away from the stocks and to the leather swing. "Is this your first visit here?" She asked Sharon."She works downstairs," Julia answered for her, "She just wanted to take a look.""You should work up here," Lisa said, "I can tell that you'd fit right in.""Bit early yet," Sharon said as the petite brunette with short dark hair hopped into the swing. "I'm still getting my head around it.""Fair enough," Lisa said, "I'll have a chat with you after if you like?" Sharon was watching Lisa spread her legs and part her pussy lips in anticipation of one of the men filling her."She's a bit dumbstruck." Julia grabbed Sharon's hand, "It might be time for her to go back downstairs and have a drink."Sharon snapped back into reality and decided to sit the night out behind the safety of the bar."I might watch from the bar, serve a few drinks, stuff like that.""No worries," Julia said, "That means I might go find me some cock.""You go girl," Lisa said, "Here, Sharon, we can be who we really want to be without fear, without being judged."Sharon had rapidly learnt that Lisa was right. She wasn't fearing for her safety, nor did anyone pressure her. Her prejudices about swingers had been totally blown out of the water.For the remainder of the night though Sharon served naked men and women drinks at the bar and occasionally wandered around the club. She joined in conversations that were completely normal in any location. People talked sport, politics, real estate and to her delight, literature. As the night went on the sex was less sporadic and couples sat back in the spa relaxing with glasses of sparkling water and champagne.Other small groups had showers and headed off into the Surry Hills night. "Here," Kay handed her an envelope, "Vince said you should at least get paid for serving the drinks,""Really?" Sharon peered into the envelope and found $300. She was speechless."He's a good man," Kay said, "He said that you can pop up anytime you like but you're still needed downstairs mainly.""That's fine," Sharon popped the money into her hand bag, "I enjoyed tonight, thanks for showing me around."Kay kissed her on the cheek and Sharon ended the night like she had on many other occasions, alone and sexless.For the next five weeks she never went back upstairs but kept an eye on those who moved from eating their meals downstairs, to walking up the twenty steps to decadence.At home she read more and more erotic stories about swingers, she watched double penetration, orgy and gang-bang videos picking up whatever techniques she didn't already know. She spent some of the $300 extra that she'd earned on two dildoes, one for her pussy and the other for her arse. She could see herself walking around the bar being fingered, fondled and groped by all and sundry. The decadence was alluring, the temptation irresistible. She was tempted not only by the extra funds, but also by the decadence, by the unbridled debauchery that was playing out above her head. For weeks she fantasised about what she had seen. How she could have truly sucked the pre-cum off the swelling cocks, how she could have been Maria or Lisa or the unnamed asian lady. Her masturbation and experimentation with sex-toys increased to a point where she often had one rubber cock in every hole. She loved the feeling of having a cock in her arse and one in her pussy. That heady mixture of pain and pleasure excited her like no other. Five weeks earlier everything she knew and understood about relationships had changed. In the back of her mind she'd always thought that those upstairs were sluts and losers and that no relationship would survive such a lifestyle. She'd thought that those swapping partners upstairs had no chance of lasting. That swinging was a dying couples last gasp. On one Friday night she was chatting to a couple when she felt a hand rest on her hip. It wasn't a sexual advance, just a hand seeking the attention of the recipient. When she turned to see who it was she nearly dropped the tray of drinks in shock. Standing behind her was a lady she knew as Mrs Thompson and a man she correctly assumed was her husband and another taller, nervous looking man. When Sharon was at high school Mrs Thompson was her English head teacher and mentor. Mrs Thompson was Sharon's inspiration to become an English teacher. Throughout her six years at high school Mrs Thompson was always there for her. When Sharon's parents broke up, thanks to her father's philandering, Mrs Thompson consoled her. When a school friend died in a car accident, Mrs Thompson was there to throw an arm around her. Now here was Mrs Thompson, her husband and a tall stranger in the downstairs of a loosely disguised swingers club."Mrs Thompson," Sharon said, "I, um." Uncharacteristically Sharon was lost for words. How exactly do you welcome someone that you have known, someone you knew, loved and respected into a venue like that in which she worked."How are you Sharon," Mrs Thompson bent forward and kissed her on the cheek. "This is Peter my husband and Marcus, a friend of his from work."Sharon shyly nodded to them both."Mrs Thompson?" Sharon began to talk but Mrs Thompson cut her off with her signature raising of her right hand. "It's Caz now Sharon," she laughed, "No more Mrs Thompson, okay.""Ok," Sharon said meekly, "I'm sorry.""Boy's," Caz said to the two men lingering behind her. "Go get a drink while I have a quick chat with Sharon."Caz told Sharon everything that she'd really wanted to say years ago. She told Sharon how she had an open relationship that was built on trust and although temptations still existed, they could easily be either fulfilled or expelled. Caz told her about how she loved to be fucked by numerous men. How she loved to feel filled and how she adored the taste of a woman's pussy. Sharon couldn't help but feel aroused, intensely aroused. When Caz leant across and kissed Sharon on the lips Sharon didn't resist. She felt her tongue enter Caz's mouth, Caz's hands resting on her hips and sliding around to her buttocks. When Caz broke free she noticed how Sharon's eyes were glazed, how she looked much like she had when she began living a hidden and alternative life all those years ago.Vince was watching from the bar and was speaking to Julia on the phone. The flu had taken a hold of Julia and she was a mess. As he watched Sharon kissing the middle aged woman in the bar, he took her aside. Vince had never had to ask girls to move upstairs. In his view the more willing they were to join, the better they'd be. "Were you okay with that," he nodded towards Caz. "More than okay," Sharon said "Could I do a shift upstairs tonight?"Vince looked down at the petite 25 year old and smiled. "Excellent, I didn't even have to ask," he said, "Julia is sick with the lurgy, she's not coming in""Everything happens for a reason," Sharon said as she hopped up out of the chair and undid her apron. Once more Vince reiterated his stance that she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to and if any men were to be aggressive to give him a call.With a distinct spring in her step Sharon darted up the stairs and into the staff change room. She didn't have any special clothes to wear, no stockings, no suspenders, no sexy underwear. All she had was one of the short aprons to wrap around her waist and the long boots she'd worn to work. 'What a way to start' she thought as she got undressed. She studied herself in the mirror and had to admit that she looked pretty hot wearing just the boots and the tiny apron around her waist. She pulled her long black curly hair out of her pony tail and teased it a bit with some water. "Here we go," she said to her reflection before she walked out of through the door and into the room where her life would change forever.She went immediately across to the bar and began to pour beers for the three men who stood semi-naked at the bar, watching and admiring her on the other side. Sharon had a quick look around the bar and saw that Kay was over on the lounge sitting on some blokes lap and having a chat with the group of men around her. Sitting at one of the tables was another lady in her thirties with short blond hair and a fine physique. She was wearing a mini skirt and fishnets and like Kay, was surrounded by men.The three men at the bar were admiring Sharon's petite form as she went about her work setting up the bar."You're new here," one of them said as she passed him his drink."Yep," Sharon smiled and looked down at the towel wrapped around his waist, wishing it wasn't there. "You'll have to come around here and undo the towel though," he said."Sorry," she smiled back at him, "But I have to go and serve a few more drinks first." She took the tray with a few glasses of wine and beer off the bar."For fuck's sake," one of the others said when he saw her walk around the bar with the tray of drinks, "That is one nice arse.""Actually," said the man who had refused to take off his towel. "You win, here's a before shot." He opened his towel and a sizeable cock hung down.Sharon felt a shiver run down her spine and her nipples harden. That was going to be hers. One cock of the many that she would suck and fuck that night. She had a look around the room and the gender balance was certainly skewed towards the males. Caz and her two accomplices came into the room and headed straight towards her. "You look fantastic," Caz said. "We're in for some fun tonight aren't we boys?" She turned to her husband and Marcus behind him who was trying not to stare at Sharon's pert breasts. "Let's go get ready then." Caz said and headed off down to the group change room.Sharon went dutifully back to serving the drinks and checking out the talent that was in the room. She sauntered over to the group in the middle with the blond and introduced herself."Are you Julia's replacement tonight?" one of the men said."I am indeed," Sharon said. "I certainly hope that you work as hard as Julia does," he said, "Because she's a trooper.""I'll do my best." "I'm Emma by the way," she said "That's Phil my husband, he never introduces himself nor I""Typical male," Sharon said, laughed and went back to the bar wondering what to do next.As if reading her mind Kay hopped off the lap of one of the men she was sitting on and came over."Now I guess you're wondering what happens next?" she said."You read my mind," Sharon said."You're remind me of myself when I first started three years ago."Sharon was impressed, "You've been doing this for three years?""Indeed," she said, "The way Julia and I work is that we kind of pretend that this is our own party.""Ok," Sharon said. "So I should just be the congenial and friendly host.""The congenial, friendly and incredibly sexy host," Kay said as she rubbed Sharon on the arm."Oh guess who's here," Sharon said."I have no idea," Kay said, "Lord Lucan?""My old English teacher.""Really," Kay said genuinely amazed. "Which one is he?""It's not a he, it's a she.""Emma?" she asked."No," Sharon said, "It's Caz."Kay looked around the room searching for Caz and her husband Peter."She's getting ready," Sharon said, "She shouldn't be long.""I can't believe that Caz is your old teacher," Kay said and picked up a tray of drinks, "She's one wild lady.""I can't believe it either," Sharon said, "She lives a double life.""Fuck," Kay said, "Don't we all." She put the drinks down and continued. "What do you think I do during the day?""I have no idea." "I'm a financial counsellor with the Salvation Army." Sharon just stood there imagining Kay in a Salvos uniform.Kay continued "So no, I don't go around telling people I work in a swingers club.""Do you wear a Salvos uniform?""Fuck no," Kay said, "They're too daggy.""Wish she would just on one night," One of the guys at the bar chimed in, "I'd love to fuck her in a Salvo's uniform.""That's just so inappropriate," Kay said in mock admonishment.After a few minutes chatting about how useless men were and how if they didn't have a cock they'd be going to the tip by the truckload, Sharon went for a quick stroll down to the change room to see if Caz and her party wanted a drink.She expected to see them getting undressed, she didn't expect to see Caz sitting naked and spread legged on a chair while slowly stroking her husband's cock. Shocked, Sharon just stood in the doorway with her mouth agape."I'm just taking some of the wrinkles out," Caz said, "It got squashed up in the car."Sharon noticed that Marcus was still dressed and was sitting on one of the chairs and she gave a quizzical look to Caz."Oh Marcus is a bit nervous," Caz said, "It's his first time here at the club.""Well," Sharon said pleased that she wasn't the only novice. "So am I Marcus."Marcus stared at her and had a look of amazement and admiration on his face.Remembering what Kay had said about running the place like it was your own party, Sharon made Marcus an offer."You can come and help me behind the bar if you like," she said, "Although you will need to get undressed and wear the obligatory towel.""I suppose I could do that," he said in a deep voice that Sharon was immediately attracted to."Here," Caz said getting up out of the chair and releasing her husbands cock, "I'll help you get undressed.""I'm going to go get a beer," Peter said and wrapped a towel around his waist. His cock was tenting the towel quite significantly and as he edged his way past Sharon, who deliberately didn't move away from the doorway, he brushed up against her. She felt his cock rub against her hips as he squeezed past and she took in an involuntary sharp breath as he did so.Caz, who was 43, only about 5' 4" and had never had c***dren of her own was in perfect shape and Sharon couldn't help but be impressed. She started undoing Marcus's shirt and he was more than willing to help. She looked over to Sharon who was still standing in the doorway, her heart beating faster as he got undressed. "Marcus has never had two women at once," Caz said, "He's just fucked me with Peter.""Really?" Sharon said as she moved into the room. "Well he's more experienced than me because I've never had anything other than just one guy.""Well," Caz said, "I think that we should change that right here and right now, don't you think?"Sharon sauntered over to Marcus who was now kicking his shoes off in anticipation of his pants being removed."He's certainly seemed to have changed his attitude," Sharon said."I think he likes you," Caz said, "I've known him long enough to tell.""How long?" Sharon had to ask.Caz started to unbuckle his belt, "Oh about six months now," she said, "I really want to keep this cock to myself though,""Let's see it then," Sharon squatted down next to Caz and sub-consciously licked her lips. As she squatted she could feel her pussy open slightly."If I'm not mistaken you've never kissed another woman either have you?" Caz asked as she zipped down his fly."Not in the way you're thinking, Miss," Sharon said before realising her error but before Caz could admonish her, Marcus interrupted."I like that," he said, "That dirty teacher - student liaison.""Do you now," Caz said and pulled his pants down around his ankles. "Well one day you can come to my office and we'll fuck in a classroom.""Knowing you you'll have some of the students fuck you as well," he said."Hey," she slapped him hard on the thigh, "Enough of that talk, you know we keep that separate.""Yeah, I know," he said with a pronounced lift in his voice as Caz ran her fingers around the waistband of his underpants.Sharon was shaking with anticipation as Caz teasingly pulled the elastic strap down over his swollen cock. Sharon could barely conceal her joy when his cock popped out and was already two-thirds erect. It wasn't huge, nor was it small, it was the perfect goldilocks cock, just right.Caz grabbed it and brought it to her mouth sucking in his head in one glorious motion. "Oh fuck," Marcus moaned, "That is glorious."She drew a strand of precum off his knob and it hung tantalisingly down between them. She looked over at Sharon who was in a trance of desire and had begun to rub her pussy as she waited. The smile she gave Sharon snapped her out and Sharon moved over and dipped her tongue under the hanging man jam. When her tongue came in contact with the tangy semen Caz joined her and the two of them kissed for the first time.Caz embraced her former student and Marcus stepped back and pulled all his clothes off. Admiring the display of feminine affection before him he stood there stroking his cock while enjoying the fine features of the two women before him. The girl's hands were exploring each others bodies with a determination and knowledge of pleasure zones that women can show each other. Once more the girls kissed and Marcus pushed his cock between their mouths."Ok you two," he said as they licked along his shaft, "I've lost all my inhibitions, well done."Caz looked up at him and Sharon took her future husband's knob into her mouth for the first time."You have no inhibitions you evil bastard," Caz said.Marcus just laughed and held the back of Sharon's head as she expertly licked, sucked and deep-throated his cock."I think we should go out into the bar," Caz said."I think you should too," said her husband Peter who had reappeared at the doorway. "There are people out there going thirsty.""Damn," Sharon said, "Isn't Kay available.""Kay's busy," he said. "Doing what?" Sharon said as she stood up and straightened her apron."Come and find out."The four naked and semi-naked swingers walked down the aisle and back out into the main bar where Kay was up on the lounge in the corner rubbing her pussy with a vibrator as a man slid a thin dildo into her arse. "Christ," Marcus said, "That's unreal.""Come with me," Sharon said to him, "You made a promise.""No worries," he said as he tied his towel around his waist.As she walked past Emma she saw that she was stroking both her husband Phil's cock and that of another man."What have you been up to?" said one of the bar men. "We almost had to help ourselves."Sharon stopped dead in her tracks, turned to the three men and with a fake scolding tone said."Well maybe you should do just that." Marcus kept on going around to the bar and watched as Sharon undid her apron tossed it to him. There she stood, naked except for a pair of black boots, with three men that she had never met before, ready to fuck her. She had never felt so powerful, so in control over her sexuality, than she did right at that moment.Marcus, who was opening beer after beer, was impressed not only by her tiny, petite physique, but also by her outrageous horniness. "You'd all better have a feel of this before it goes getting all messy," she said.The three men pulled her into themselves and she savoured the attention and caresses of their hands. Fingers pulled and tweaked at her nipples, palms rubbed her arse and her pussy lips were spread and explored. Her breath had become short and ragged and she turned herself around towards the rest of the room so she could watch the action unfolding. She felt the cock of the man in the middle rubbing against the small of her back and she almost instinctively began to grind back into it feeling it grow harder, and eliciting welcoming groans from man as she did so. The man on her left began to suck on her left tit and she reached down with each hand and began to rub the cocks of both men. A cock in each hand and one pushing into her back was the first time she'd ever come into contact with more than one cock at any one time. Boy did it feel good.Middle man pulled her hair back and began to lick and tongue her ear, a sensation that sent a delicious shiver down her spine."Are you ready to be fucked?" he whispered. "To be pleasured like never before?"Sharon nodded in silence as she felt fingers begin to rub her clitoris."Say it out loud," he said, "Let's all hear what you want."She could feel that his hard cock must have begun to ooze pre-cum as she gyrated up against it. The warm sticky sensation of a man's ejaculate was at least familiar to her. Horny though she was, she was still going to tease these men. An aroused and excited man can be a dangerous thing but here in the safety of the club she was going to take these men right to the edge."Without answering him she pulled forward and letting go of the other men's cocks she spun around to them."I don't fuck anything that I haven't tasted first," she said and dropped to her knees on the timber floor.Using the cocks on either side as handles to keep herself balanced, and with middle man holding onto his cock with baited expectation, she guided the first slippery, hard and anonymous prick into her mouth. "Fuck yes," he moaned as her tongue swirled around his knob, "That's a beautiful thing."Once more she tasted the familiar tang of pre-cum but thanks to still having the taste of Marcus's fresh on her palate, the difference surprised her. The change in flavour fascinated her and she drew her tongue along the underside of his cock, drawing a thin bridge of semen out with it. The pre-cum drawbridge snapped in the middle and she tried unsuccessfully to suck it up like spaghetti. Not only was the taste of his cum different but so was the shape of his cock. She realised that when she had only one cock in her possession that there was no comparing. Here however, with a roomful of cocks to look at, the differences astounded her.There were fat ones and thin ones, long and short, straight and bent, cut and uncut. A veritable smorgasbord of phallic choices.She licked her bottom lip and resting middle man's cock on the side of her head she sucked left man's into her mouth. Immediately she could taste the difference and she quickly turned to right man and tasted the droplet of pre ejaculate goodness that oozed out.His was delightfully sweeter and she swirled it around her palate savouring the complex structure of his man jam. It was if she'd been doing it for years. Her technique was perfect as she swapped from cock to cock, licking, teasing, slurping and tasting the varied offerings before her. The men were harder than any men she'd blown before, and she had blown quite a few. She looked up at the appreciative smiles on the men's faces and they all rubbed their cocks against her face hoping for more pleasure. Sharon really wanted to be fucked but she looked over her shoulder and saw that Kay was now being fucked hard on the lounge."I'd better serve some drinks," she said as she stood up. "It looks like Kay might be a while.""Here," Marcus said passing her a tray, "I poured a few for you."Touched by his gesture she kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks, I'll be back soon."The four men watched her cute arse as she walked away from the bar and left man nudged Marcus."Is she your girl?" he asked. "What?" Marcus said in genuine surprise, "No, I only just met her.""I'd love to have a girlfriend like that," he said "That would be perfect.""Yeah," said middle man, "No fucking complications about sex."Marcus contemplated the possibilities of having a swinging girlfriend and it appealed to him a lot more than any of the previous disastrous relationship he'd had.Indeed when he first watched Caz being fucked by her husband Peter and another guy as the other guy's wife sucked his cock, he knew that there was nothing wrong at all with an open and honest relationship.When Peter asked him over for dinner one night he didn't expect that his wife Caz would be on the menu. Caz had all the marks of a conservative teacher with no sign whatsoever that she was a wild and horny woman who loved sex in all its iterations. When he turned up at the house three months earlier she was wearing a short black dress and as it turned out later on, nothing else. They had dinner, drank some wine, smoked some pot and then when the music started playing she got Marcus up to dance. Stoned as he was when Caz simply pulled the dress over her head and stood there naked before him, and with Peter saying 'I think she wants to fuck.' Marcus did just that. They fucked on the lounge, on the table, in bed and in the shower. They fucked her in all her holes and came all over her. It was a weekend like no other. She was insatiable and spent most of the time naked walking around their secluded Eastern Suburbs home.They told him their rule of no playing unless together or with the others consent. They told him of their friends and how some hadn't survived the swinging scene but told him of so many that had. He tried to get his girlfriend interested in the idea but when he'd told her about fucking Caz she walked out the door.Now he was in a club that they occasionally frequented when they wanted a bit of variety. Somewhere to find some new blood. Some fresh meat like Sharon."Champagne?" Sharon said to Caz and Peter who grabbed a glass each."Did you enjoy that?" Peter asked and nodded to the three men."I never realised that precum tastes so differently," she said, "or how much variety there is with cocks.""I love the variety," Caz said, "Above all though I love that I can pretty much fuck whoever I desire.""Is it really like that?" Sharon asked, "You must have rules."Caz told Sharon exactly what they'd told Marcus three months earlier and as she listened she kept an eye on the action unfolding around her.Kay had given up any work duties and was now bouncing on one guys cock as she sucked another. Emma was now leaning over and sucking a cock as another man was fingering her pussy. Emma's husband Phil had mysteriously disappeared."So it works then?" Sharon asked Caz. "This swinging thing?""It does for us," she said and stroked Peter's cock. "Wait to you feel this in your tight little pussy young girl.""I wouldn't mind a taste first Miss," she smiled, "I'm sure he wouldn't mind.""Not at all," he replied while undoing his towel. "Go for it."Sharon passed Caz her tray and said, "Be a good lady and serve these thirsty men please." For the third time that night Sharon was on her knees sucking on a cock that she'd never seen before. As soon as she'd brought it into her mouth she could feel and taste the difference. It was wider than most and uncircumcised. Peter held onto the back of her head and tilted her head gently back and looked at her with pure lust writ wide across his face."You are one mighty fine cocksucker," he said. "This is one mighty fine cock," she said as she rubbed it across her face."How about this one," said a voice to her left and she turned to see a man stroking his organ."And this one," said another to her right. "Good Lord," she giggled, "What a cock-fest.""A cock-fest indeed," Marcus said and coming up behind her plonked his cock on the top of her head. Sharon grabbed a cock in each hand and Peter gently held and wanked his cock into her mouth. Surrounded by four cocks Sharon was in heaven. The cock numbers escalated with every situation she found herself in and she wasn't going to complain.Like she had done earlier Sharon swapped from cock to cock savouring the variety of flavours and shapes. The one cock she didn't suck was Marcus' who still kept his head resting on her head."What's Phil got?" he said as Phil walked back into the room.They all looked around to him as he walked towards Emma holding what was a dog lead in his hand. Kay stopped bouncing on the cock she was enjoying and stared intently at Phil."What's going on Phil?" she called out."It's OK," he said, "This was all Emma's idea."When Emma heard his voice she immediately stopped what she was doing and hopped off the stool."A bit of master and slave role-playing to get the night started," Emma said.Peter wiped his cock across Sharon's face and called out, "Parties already going Emma, Sharon here looks like she needs a good fucking.""Not until this slut," Phil grabbed Emma by the arm and pulled her to him, "Is fucked in all her dirty holes."Emma pulled her dress over her head and stood before them all naked. The three men turned towards her leaving Sharon comically kneeling with a cock on her head. Emma's nipples were pierced and her pussy waxed clean. Phil looped the dog lead around her neck and buckled it up."Time to suck those cocks," Phil said, "Get on your knees and crawl to those men."Obligingly Emma did as asked and she was soon surrounded by men pulling on their cocks. Kay went back to being fucked and Caz noticed that Sharon was still kneeling on the ground with Marcus behind her."Fuck that dominance shit," she said as she put the tray of drinks on the table, "I think that we all need to fuck."Sharon reached up and grabbed Marcus' cock off her head. "I agree," she said."Come with me," Caz said and then turned to the group around Emma, "Peter!" she called out.Peter turned and waved his erect cock at them, "What?" he said,"Grab two blokes and come with us." Two of the guys at the bar overheard her request and moved towards her."Yes actually you two will be fine," she said "You're good blokes."Marcus helped Sharon up and held her to him. She instantly felt comfortable and relaxed in his arms."What about the bar?" Sharon asked, "I'll look after it love," middle man at the bar said, "Just as long as we get to have some fun later."Sharon walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek and as she grabbed his cock she whispered in his ear."You can have my pussy all to yourself here in the bar," she said."Nice," he said and patted her arse, "I'll save myself."Caz led the four men down the corridor to the group room and Sharon bolted in quickly after them. She looked back at Emma who was now face down on the timber floor being taken hard from behind.Caz leapt on the bed and knelt on the mattress beckoning to Sharon as she walked in."Close the door," she said to Sharon, "Or we'll be swamped."Sharon kicked the door with her foot and it clicked shut. She suddenly found herself slightly short of breath as the realisation that she was about to be fucked by four different men and her old English teacher sunk in.She stopped for a moment and took a deep breath. Caz was stroking her husband's cock and rubbing her pussy as she knelt looking at her former student. Sharon was suddenly unsure of how to proceed and it took Marcus to shake her out of her torpor.Detecting Sharon's sudden reluctance and hesitation Marcus walked over to her and held her hands. "Let's watch for a while hey," he said, "To see how the experts do it."Sharon, thinking that Marcus was as inexperienced as she was, exhaled slowly and nodded her head. "Good idea," she said."Fine by me," Caz said smiling, "Three cocks all to myself." On a TV screen above the bed played a video of a red-headed woman fucking two men whilst another woman, also wearing a mask, was being fucked by another man. With all the sex going on around her, she wondered why the video was even necessary.Marcus walked her over to the lounge and sat down pulling Sharon onto his lap as he did so. She felt his semi-hard cock press up against her arsehole and she wondered what it would be like to feel it hard in her arse. "Lick me someone," Caz called out, "Someone lick my cunt." Caz spread her legs and lay back on the mattress exposing her neatly trimmed and open pussy to everyone. Peter knelt down on the carpet before her pussy and licked her swollen labia. Her juices spilt onto his tongue and he pulled on his cock as he tongue fucked her.The other two guys began to feed her their cocks and all you could hear from her was a soft gurgle as the two cocks fought for space."She loves having three guys fuck her," Marcus said and then slid his hand around to Sharon's pussy. "One in her pussy, another in her mouth and the last one in her arse."Genuinely surprised Sharon turned her head to him and slid off onto the lounge. "She does that?" "Hell yeah," he said. "She's hard-core.""Have you fucked her in the arse?""Yep," he said, "Once or twice."She slid her hand down and grabbed his cock. "She had this in her arse?""Fuck yeah darling," Peter pulled away from eating Caz's pussy and answered for him, "While I fucked her pussy.""So, like your dicks were really close?""Well," Marcus shrugged, "Kind of."Peter stayed in the conversation. "What about Joanne?" he said "She took both of us in her pussy.""Who's Joanne?" Sharon had to ask, "And what was that like?""Well," he wrapped his arm around her and began to finger her twat. "You do get a bit carried away in the moment." He pushed down on her clitoris and she squirmed in delight. "It's all about the woman's pleasure," he continued, "As long as she's enjoying it she'll want more and more.""Fucking oath," Caz piped up from the bed, "Now stop talking and start fucking!""Settle woman," Peter said, "You're bloody insatiable."Sharon, thanks to Marcus' cock in her hand and his fingers delighting her pussy, couldn't agree more. She pumped Marcus' cock quickly and bought it to full attention. She hopped up off the lounge and with her back to Marcus slid back down onto his lap.He put his legs together and held his cock ready for her horny, wet pussy. "That's the girl," he said as she lowered herself down, "Fuck that cock.""Woohoo," Caz said as she watched his cock slide in, "Welcome to the club."It was in a haze of sexual delight that Sharon heard Caz's urgings from the bed. Her body and soul had come alive as her future husband's rigid pole slid into her hot wet cunt. He was massaging her boobs, pulling on her nipples as she bounced up and down. Her pussy and entire being was suddenly more alive than it had ever been in the last 25 years. "Oh fuck yeah," she called out "Fuck me, fuck me, everybody fuck meeeee."As she called out her request to be fucked by everyone in the room, an orgasm unlike any she'd experienced before racked through her body. It was deeper than the clitoral orgasms she'd had in the past, more intense and satisfying. It was so intense that for a moment she threw herself back against him and closed her eyes and legs."Oh my God," she moaned, """That was the quickest I've ever seen anyone cum," Caz said. "Including the blokes."Sharon began to laugh and on opening her eyes noticed that there were mirror panels on the ceiling. "Fuck I look hot," she said, "So goddam slutty here in my boots.""Sexy, not slutty," Caz said, "This is the look of a sexy woman."Watching herself in the mirror, and in the periphery the others, she spread her legs open."Yeah you're right," she moaned "That's fucking sexy.""Keep watching," Caz said, "This is a night of firsts for you young lady."Licking her lips in anticipation Caz hopped off the bed and crawled over to them. "Fuck her guys, lets all fuck together," she hoarsely ordered. Caz held Sharon's legs apart and marvelled at the sight of Marcus's cock pistoning into her young wet cunt. Marcus whispered into Sharon's ear, "She's going to lick your pussy and suck my cock. Are you okay with that?"To answer all Sharon could do was moan in anticipation of the first female lips to ever touch her anywhere other than her face.As Caz stroked the inside of Sharon's thighs the two bar men hopped up on the lounge and offered their cocks to the eager novice. They grabbed her legs behind the knees helping to keep her pussy wide open. Like the natural that she was she grabbed a hold of the swollen cocks and began to stroke them. In the mirror above her she watched as Caz began to lick up her inner thigh."Suck their cocks," Marcus whispered, "Suck them."She pulled the one on her right closer and in a perfect piece of synergy, just as she licked the glob of pre-cum oozing out, Caz licked her swollen and red clitoris."Fuckkkk," she yelled out in delight before shoving the bar man's cock as far down her throat as she could manage.Caz, on hearing her screams, flicked her tongue around Sharon's open cunt and sucked heavily on her clitoris.Sharon let the cock in her mouth go and swapped over to the one on her left sucking in and enjoying the variety available. A string of liquid, a mix of pre-cum and saliva, stretched from the cock in her right hand to her mouth as if it was a rope ready to be pulled back when he wanted it sucked again.Out of the corner of her eye she could see herself in the mirror. It was a mental image that she would use during those times of solo masturbation when she just needed to cum. Her chest was red, her legs wide open, a cock in her hand and one in her mouth. Her boots held high by the two men as Caz sucked on her cunt and licked Marcus's balls. She had never believed that she would be so decadent; so at one with fucking unknown people; so at peace with what was happening and so welcoming of new experiences.Peter, who was literally the lone cock in an orgy, got down behind Caz and easily slid his cock into her wet pussy. As he pumped into her, Caz's mouth pushed against Sharon's pussy in a nice slow rhythm. Finally everyone was getting into the action and the view in the mirror was superb.Caz's work on Marcus's cock was working a treat and he could feel the sensation of an on-coming orgasm begin to rise. His balls began to tighten and his pistoning increased. Sharon too could sense it and she wanted desperately to feel his load splash up inside her. She let go of the cocks and reached down to Caz's head pushing it against her cunt and begun grinding her wetness and Marcus's cock against her mouth."Fuck," Marcus yelled as he felt the lava rise, "Jaysussss..."As soon as his first jet of cum exploded in her pussy she felt another orgasm flow through her body. She'd never had orgasms in such high frequency in her life. It was like a continuous flow of electricity that like now, had erotic surges.Caz pulled Marcus's cock out of Sharon's pussy and sucked as much as she could into her mouth, savouring the mix of jism and cunt juice.Gravity soon began to do its work and Sharon could feel his load begin to slide down and out of her hole. Caz also noticed the thick cream begin to ooze out and she dipped her tongue in to gather up the nectar."Fucking hot," said the guy to Sharon's left as he pulled on his cock, "That's so fucking hot."Caz sucked up a mouthful of cum and after swirling it around in her mouth, dribbled it back over Sharon's gaping wet box."Christ," said the bloke on the left, "You need some more?"Caz silently nodded and like a fledgling in a nest she opened her mouth in hungry anticipation.He slid off the lounge and aimed his turgid cock at Caz and after a few strokes jetted his creamy mess over her face and down onto Sharon's cunt.Marcus shuffled slightly to avoid any friendly fire and watched as Caz supped on the man jam. This explosion of cum though seemed to settle the group down. Sharon had stopped sucking on the man on the rights cock and he hopped off the lounge."Thanks for that," he said, "Might get a go at that nice pussy of yours a bit later hey?""Sure," Sharon said smiling.Peter withdrew from Caz and high-fived the dude on the right as he passed. Caz was still busy licking up the mess."I think," Marcus lifted Sharon off his lap as he spoke, "That we should go have a drink.""I need a shower," Sharon wiped a trail of cum up her belly."Nah," Caz said, "I've cleaned you out just nicely. A towel will do." "Thank you ladies," said the man on the left, "Much appreciated."?No, seriously,? Sharon said, ?I might just have a quick shower and get back to the bar.??I?ll take you,? Marcus said as he peeled himself off the lounge. ?The bar will be fine.?He took Sharon by the hand and with is towel securely wrapped around his waist they sauntered back through the throng into the bathroom. As they wandered through Sharon noticed that Emma was missing and that there was only one place she could have been.?It looks like Emma?s been taken to the bondage room,? she said.?They can have that all to themselves,? Marcus said. ?It does nothing for me.? ?Nor I,? Sharon said thanking her lucky stars that Marcus wasn?t into dominance. He spun the shower on, grabbed the shower head off the hook and checked the temperature. ?You might want to take the boots off,? he nodded to her legs, ?In fact, I love completely naked women.??Really?? she said as she sat on a nearby stool and began to peel her boots off. ?Totally naked??He flicked his towel off and aimed the warm jet of water at his heavy cock. ?Indeed,? he said admiring her one hundred percent naked form.?What else do you like?? she opened her legs and ran a hand down to her recently fucked pussy.?I like to see women genuinely enjoying themselves,? he pumped some lotion into his hand and soaped up his cock. ?I particularly like watching women enjoying having sex.??Same here,? said another guy as he walked naked into the room. ?A horny satisfied woman is a happy woman, and a happy woman likes sex. It?s a wonderful cycle.??True,? Sharon said and spun towards him, ?I?m Sharon.? She held out her hand and he politely kissed it.?I?m Jim.? ?Jim,? she said beckoning him into the room, ?Marcus here says that he likes to see women enjoy themselves, and by that I assume he?s not the jealous type.? Jim was in his early forties but kept good care of himself and he was very buff for his age. ?Well,? Jim said, ?Is he your partner??Ironically, they both laughed in unison. ?Hell no,? Sharon said and reached out to Jim?s towel. ?We?ve only just met.? She pulled his towel off and grabbed his firming cock.?Ok then,? Jim reached out and shook Marcus? hand just before Sharon sucked his cock into her mouth. ?Pleased to meet you both.?Jim?s cock quickly became hard as Sharon?s expert mouth and hand action had the desired effect. ?Do you have a partner here Jim?? she asked.?Normally yes,? he stopped momentarily as Sharon drew the entire length of his cock into her throat. ?We come once a month, but she has the flu, so she told me to come alone.??Bad luck,? Marcus said as he stepped out of the shower. ?I would have liked to have met her.??She?s fucking hot,? Kay said as she entered the room and once more found Sharon away from the bar. ?Yes you Sharon, but also Jim?s wife, Ann.??Thanks,? Jim said, ?For a mother of three, she?s a stunner.??Now Sharon,? Kay said ?I want to play for a while, and although you really look like you?re enjoying yourself, could you man the fort??Sharon pulled her mouth off Jim?s cock with a pop and smiled up at Marcus. ?I?ll need a man to help me man the fort,? she said.?Well,? Marcus grabbed her by the hand, ?Let?s go do something before you lose your job.?The bar had come to life as the alcohol took on its role as a social lubricator. Caz was standing naked among a group of six men just chatting away as if she was down the street shopping.?Here she is,? said the man at the bar to whom Sharon had promised her pussy. ?How you feeling???Excellent,? Sharon said and began to wipe down some of the tables. Walking naked around a bar was liberating but she didn?t find the feeling of the damp floor on her feet to her liking. ?Could you go fetch me my boots and apron?? she asked Marcus who immediately spun around and took off back to the shower room and collected her few items of clothing.With her boots securely on and the apron tied around her waist, Sharon kept good order over the bar for the remainder of the night chatting to Marcus about literature, movies, politics and of course, sex. It felt so good, so natural, that by the time the clock had reached 1 am and drinks had to stop, Sharon was once more in the mood.A small crowd had gathered around the TV watching a masked woman with jet black hair and a tattoo on her shoulder being gangbanged by three men and a woman with a dildo. All night the one guy she never saw get up and fuck was the guy in the middle of the bar. He?d sat patiently all night sipping on light beer and joining in the conversation whenever he had an opinion.Marcus was over chatting with a well fucked Kay and a few other men in the spa and once she?d finished putting all the drinks away she poured herself a sly whisky and sat next to middle man.She made sure that when she sat down, he?d get a good look at her pussy. ?What?s your name?? she asked. Without even glancing at her open and damp minge, he held out his hand for shaking.?Bob,? he said and as soon as she took his hand, he kissed the back of it. ?It?s been a pleasure watching you all night.? ?Why thank you, Bob,? she said. ?Now you needn?t have waited until now to tell me that.??I know,? he seemed suddenly shy, ?Kay though knows why I?m here, she knows what I?m into.??Really?? Sharon was intrigued, ?What are you into?? ?It?s not kinky or anything,? he said defensively, ?I?m not into dominance or dirty play.??What then???Making movies,? he said, ?I come here to find people to make movies with.??Is that all?? she said. ?That?s nothing.??Yeah I know but,? again he paused nervously and before he could continue, Sharon put a hand on his knee.?You want me to appear in a video??He swallowed and nodded.?Sorry Bob,? she stood up and untied her apron, ?But I?m in my last year at uni training to become a teacher. I don?t think that that would be a good idea.??We can film it in such a way that no one will recognise you.??How?? ?Well,? he took her apron of her and standing up spun the apron into a small square. ?One of the ways that Caz has appeared.? Sharon was once more surprised by her former head teacher?s life. ?Is with a mask, a few fake tattoos and a hair colour.??Fuck,? she said. ? I don?t believe you.??Well,? Bob stood behind her and wrapped the apron over her face so that her eyes were exposed, but her face was obscured. ?See that woman over there? Sharon nodded slowly and looked over at Caz, ?not Caz in the flesh,? he continued and pointed at the screen where the masked woman was being double penetrated, ?Caz on the screen.?Sharon concentrated hard and sure enough, if you were told who she was, that was Caz up on the screen.Bob dragged his hands down her side and ran them around to her pussy. ?You could have that,? he whispered into her ear, ?As many cocks and cunts and whatever you want,? he nibbled on her ear, sending a shiver down her spine. She reached around and grabbed his swelling cock.?But I can have that here,? she said, ?without the video.? ?That you can,? he said and pulled the apron away from her face, ?right now, I just want to fuck that delicious pussy of yours.?Sharon dropped to her knees and sucked his cock hungrily into her mouth. She saw another cock come close and she reached out for it. She didn?t care who it belonged to, she just wanted it. When Bob was hard, which didn?t take long, she sat up on a stool and rested back on the bar.?Fuck me,? she said as she sluttily opened her legs, ?Fuck my pussy.?Bob wasted no time in sliding his cock into the new recruit and squeezed her boobs as he did so. Marcus came over and sat next to her and she instinctively grabbed him by the cock. Caz and Kay also stopped what they were doing and came over.?Here,? Caz said, ?Let us help you.? She held one leg as Kay grabbed the other. With her legs supported Sharon began rubbing her clit as Bob pounded his fat cock into her tight cunt. ?Fucking hot,? Bob moaned, ?Such a hot little piece.? Marcus hopped off the stool and began to kiss and tongue her ear. This, combined with another cock in her hand drove her wild and the largest orgasm that she?d ever had washed through her body.?Oh fuck, fuck, fuckkkkk!? she cried as her body shook in orgasmic spasms. Her cunt clenched around Bob?s cock and a torrent of juice flooded around it. It was all too much for him and grabbing his cock he pulled on it for a moment before sending a load up onto her belly and down onto her snatch.?Jaysus,? he cried, ?Fookin? Jaysus.?Like a well organised team Caz handed Marcus Sharon?s leg and spun Bob around towards her. She squatted down and licked and sucked all the fuck juices off his cock. Kay handed the other leg to the anonymous third cock and dove down to Sharon?s moist muff. Surprisingly no one else wandered over to take advantage of Sharon?s availability, no one that is, other than Marcus.Marcus grabbed Kay and got her to suck on his cock before he slid easily into Sharon?s gaping wet box. He held her head and they locked eyes as they fucked in front of all and sundry. Sharon watched Caz on the screen as two men emptied their cocks into her mouth and the other unmasked woman was being fucked. The real Caz began squeezing his balls and rubbing Sharon?s clit as the pair fucked openly in a bar that was slowly emptying.?Do you want to cum in her cunt or on her face?? Caz asked him. ?Or on her perky little tits???On my face,? Sharon answered for him, ?Cum over my face.? ?Get down then,? Caz urged her, ?I want some too.?Marcus pulled out and the two women knelt down in front of him and took turns sucking mightily on his cock. ?Fuck yeah, cum on their faces,? Kay urged from the side. ?Spray them with your spunk.?Marcus held Sharon?s head with one hand and she opened her mouth as Caz pumped his cock.?That?s it,? Kay spat on his cock, ?Cum in her young dirty mouth.?Like the obedient man he was, Marcus grabbed his cock off Caz and stroked himself to a knee trembling climax. His load was substantial and Sharon held it on her tongue as he shakily squeezed the final drops out.?Fuck,? was all he could say as Kay leant forward and took his cock into her mouth. Caz hugged Sharon and holding her head to the side got her to spit the sticky load of jizm into her mouth. Sharon had no problem in swapping the cum and holding another woman?s body. She even ran her hand down and plunged two fingers into Caz?s pussy. Cum was smeared over their faces and it dribbled down onto their tits as they watered down the load of semen with their spit. Kay had finished with Marcus and he was just sitting back watching the two ladies kneeling on the floor.?Time to pack up,? Kay said from over near the bar and sure enough all that was left in the entire room was the three women, Marcus and sitting in the spa, Peter. Everyone else were down in the change room either showering or getting dressed.?I?ll tidy up,? Kay said, ?But this will be the last time. Now go and relax in the spa.?Caz, Peter, marcus and Sharon settled into the warm water and sipped on a variety of drinks.?So Sharon,? Peter asked her, ?What are you doing in three weeks time???Why?? Sharon asked. Peter smiled at Caz and Marcus before continuing, ?We?re having what we call our nude weekend at home.??A nude weekend?? Sharon was intrigued. ?What happens during a nude weekend?? Caz took over. ?The weekend starts on Friday night and runs until Sunday night and we have friends popping in, and out, over the weekend,? she said, ?it?s just that clothing, all clothing, is forbidden. Otherwise it?s just like a normal weekend.? Sharon slid across next to Marcus and snuggled up to him. He slid an arm around her and pulled her tight.?Will you be there?? she asked. ?From Friday to Sunday???Oh yeah,? he said and bent to kiss her. As his tongue entered her mouth she realised that he was the first person she intimately kissed all night. When he broke the kiss he asked her a question that sealed the deal. ?Before that though, what are you doing tomorrow???What did you have in mind?? ?Oh you know, a meal, a long walk on the beach followed with a movie. Normal stuff like that.??Can I pick the movie?? she asked,?Sure,? he kissed her again. ?I was going to get you to choose anyway. You obviously have good taste.?She threw a leg over him and sat on his lap, the water bubbled around them as she kissed him deeply. This was definitely the man she?d been looking for.
04-15-2021, at 10:11 AM

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