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My handsome mechanich

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My handsome mechanichI had been several months horny for my mechanic.He was a young guy, handsome and with a nice muscled body. I could imagine he also would be well hung?That day I was really horny; because my loving husband had not touched me during so many days?And I wanted to be touched?Then I picked up my nice car and went to his workshop.He was oiled up and greasy like every mechanic should be. The way he moved his hands over the engine made my body tremble in anticipation.Dressed in my killer boots and a short skirt with the buttons undone on my blouse just so there was a glimpse of what was underneath, I strolled over to the mechanic and I asked him if he could help me.The guy looked up and saw me standing there leaning forward to give him a good view of my body.As I leaned over suggestively I caught him staring at me.All I could think about was his hot body under his clothes. The next thing I knew he was right behind me and I could feel how excited he was already. I turned around and he grabbed me by the wrists and bent me backwards over the trunk of my own car.With one strong dirty hand he kept my hands in place while with the other he ripped off my White blouse.He slowly started to kiss my neck and his fingers worked their way down touching the curves of my breasts. He circled my nipples until they became rock hard and stood to attention.Then he gently started biting them pulling at my nipple ring. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and wanted to have him soon.His hand moved lower and then up my skirt and found I was not wearing even a tiny thong. He smiled and then he slowly moved his fingers back and forth teasing me as I started to grind against him. Then without warning he thrust two of his fingers deep inside between my wet pussy lips, as I gasped with pleasure.He started moving his fingers faster and faster and I could feel myself about to cum but then the handsome guy said not yet and withdrew his fingers from my warm wet cunt?He released my hands and I ran them down the front of his chest, I started to kiss him passionately and worked my way down, he was rock solid and I wanted to feel him inside of me. I start to take his hard dick into my mouth inch by inch, until I could not take any more.He started to thrust himself inside my mouth; I could feel him hitting the back of my throat.He then grabbed me up and turned me around; making me bend over the trunk. I parted my legs waiting for him to enter me. He thrust himself into me with such v******e, I screamed out his name. He laughed and went deeper and deeper, until I felt myself completely filled with the huge cock?Faster and faster he went until we were both crying with pleasure.I started to cum squeezing myself around him as I felt him filling my womb with his warm semen. As we both came together, he bit my neck making me scream out as we both collapsed onto the floor.After a few minutes I recovered myself; telling him I needed my car to be inspected, because I was noticing some strange noises ?The mechanic arranged his dirty clothes, as he told me not to worry; he would be always ready to solve my needs?.
04-07-2021, at 11:23 AM

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