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When the dam breaks

Post #1

When the dam breaks2:07 am...There are some rules that exist in every culture. Things we have learned over the centuries and have tried to make the bedrock of our existence. For any Society to exist there needs to be stability. Things you can count on no matter what life should throw at you. Most of these things are good. Most of the time everyone plays by the rules because it is just what you do.He is 20 years old. He could be off at any college he wished. The scores, grades, SATs and talent were all there. He had gotten more than a few offers and he barely applied. His family has been rather unusually supportive. Helps that they have a fair amount of money. When he said he wanted to wait a year and perhaps travel a little they thought that a fine idea.The truth was he could not leave her.She is 18. And if you told her the truth she would laugh until she cried. "He is a terrible big brother. We don't do anything together. He teases me all the time. I don't think he even likes me! The only thing he is good for is beating up guys who bother me. But then he fucking hates every guy I have ever gone out with. One time! One time he actually drove a guy off before he picked me up! He and some buddies were outside the house and my date did not know one of them was my brother. I guess he shot off his mouth about something we had, ah, done. My brother scared him so bad he got in his car and never talked to me again! My brother is an asshole and I wish he would just leave."But if you watch her face after the rant ends you might catch a little flash of something else. Perhaps the wish that things were different? Maybe really different?So he was obsessed with his sister. Can't do anything about it of course. Want to know why they don't do anything together? It is because he has always feared he would slip and she would figure it out. After all the years of teasing her and making her suffer because he was suffering would come back to haunt him. She would be relentless. He would squirm and run from his home never to return.His sister was not some innocent. She had a killer body and had no problems showing it off. Again their parents were very open-minded. Prancing through the house like she stepped off the set of a music video it was difficult for him to watch her sometimes but he could almost never look away.She was 5' 4" tall. Small but just so perfect. Every curve just where it should be. Blonde hair the color of golden wheat. Pale skin with brilliant green eyes. His eyes were brown. Hair a very dark blond. Just a little over 6' tall. He had often wondered what the girls he had been with would say if they knew what he was thinking when he was with them. Ok he did like them too so most of the time he was focused on the actual person grunting and moaning under him. But at some point his thoughts would always turn to his sister. Every girl he had ever fucked had been her. And when one had allowed him to tie her up and just use her he almost used the wrong name more than once. Maybe it was just the feeling of finally being in control of that which had eluded him for so long. But that girl had been fucked until she was nothing more than a limp pile of sweaty flesh. Every hole violated. Most of her body red from the switch, his hand, the clamps or his teeth. His lust had been violent and intense.A whole night of the most amazing sex he had ever experienced. The sort of thing many never get to even get close to feeling. And in the end... it was ruined.He had looked at the barely conscious girl across his lap and realized it was not her. The illusion had made it worse. Now more than ever he knew what it could be like if it was real. Pretending it was his sister had blown his mind. Sent him into a frenzy of lust. The shadow had done that.The real thing...His obsession became his very core. Life altered around it. Close to her in never ending agony but unable to pull his eyes away. Then one night at 2:07 am his door opened.He had been dreaming but he woke up instantly without moving. The light from the hall outlined the form in the doorway. She was in a little white tee and white cotton panties. He thought he must still be dreaming. Especially because she must have stood there for almost ten minutes.Finally he could stand it no longer he spoke in a voice that was soft and nothing like he had ever used before..."What's wrong little sister?"She started at the sound of his voice."Can't sleep. Feel terrible."He throw part of the sheet back on his bed."Come 'ere."She walks to the bed and rolls onto her side. Facing away from him. He throws the sheet over her and moves closer. His strong naked chest presses against her back and a hand goes to her shoulder. He carefully keeps his hips and legs angled back. He is not wearing anything except boxers and his cock has noticed how not dressed she is. "Danny?" he asks using the name of the current boyfriend."Ex Danny now." she says with a little sniffle."Do I get to beat him up?"She laughs a tiny bit and rocks her shoulder back against him."No silly. We just don't work. Leave him alone.""As you wish."They snuggle a little for a few minutes. Somehow being here and having him being nice to her is just the greatest feeling in the world. Unexpected. She thought she would just watch him sleep for a few minutes like she has done before. A moment of peace with him even if he has to be asleep for it to actually happen. This was waaaaaaayy better than that and she could not help but giggle."What?" he asks."Nothing. I mean something but... I don't want to spoil this moment. Please stay like this for a while for me. Please?"The tone in her voice. The desire for a big brother she could love hit him hard. All the years of teasing to protect himself. He had rarely made her cry but rarely is not never. His eyes blur a little as he tries not to cry over what he has done to her in his madness."I will. I promise. I... I am sorry for the way I have treated you over the years."She is shocked to hear this. A stolen moment of peace in the middle of the night was one thing. To say he was sorry for being a complete asshole was another. It was such a shock she barely knew what to say."It's... ok. I know I am annoying. I flit about and go through guy after guy. You always hate them and in the end you are always right. Why do I like jerks who lie and cheat and don't give a damn about me at all?" she finally gets out."You are not annoying! You are beautiful. You are sweet. You are one of the queens of your school and half your circle are outcasts and people everybody would ignore except that you call them friend. Yes your taste in guys completely sucks. But they lie and pretend so how can you know unless you give them a chance?""You always hate them. You see it.""I don't see anything.""Yes you do!""No! I don't... I... dammit stop it. You don't want to know.""Yes I do.""Little sister you don't really know what you are asking. You could not form the question if you did. Some things in his world are never meant to be spoken aloud. Ever. Leave it alone."She pouts. She considers. He tries to relax again and shifts just a little closer."ok" she finally says in a small voice.They snuggle together for a few more minutes."But. Can I ask this? Do you even like me? At all? Or am I just a family obligation?"He sighs."I do like you. I..."He pauses. He knows he should be silent. This is not something to hint about or play word games over. But the smell and feel of her fills his senses. His hand is rubbing her shoulder and she is pressing back against his chest. Her hair flares across the pillow and his hand pushes some of it away from her neck.His cock could cut steel. It throbs when she moves against him. His hips angled sharply away to avoid any lower contact. He hovers in indecision."You can tell me. I really want you to. Please?" she says in a soft voice.The dam breaks..."I like you. I like you too much. Something is wrong with me. I know you are my sister and I know I am not supposed to feel like this. When you were a little girl I loved you properly. Do you remember? I was a good brother who would always push you on the swings and never once let you fall. But then. But then came that day. Into the kitchen you came wearing your first bra and announcing your first period. I watched you turn from a little girl into a beautiful young woman. A year later you looked like you do now and you just keep getting better. I have been mean to you because I thought it was better than knowing your brother was a pervert who lusted after his little sister."It comes out in a rush. Speaking fast afraid to stop because when he does she is going to condemn him as she should. But when he has finally admitted the full truth he stops. Still afraid but somehow saying it to her is a release. To want to do something so bad for so long you cannot help but feel something good when you finally do. Even as you know the consequences will be dire.Before she can say anything he finishes the confession."I have been laying here the whole time terrified you would push that magnificent butt of yours back against me. If you had you would feel how hard you have made me. I feel guilty beyond words. This is so wrong I cannot believe I am admitting it. But touching you like this has filled me with such desire I can barely contain it. I am sorry. You should go."There is another giggle.She wiggles back against him. Pushing harder when he twitches away."wow." she whispers.He is finding it hard to breath. And dammit trying not to cum too. She has that soft round bottom tight against him and she only slowly stops moving. His hips are like wild horses and he has to fight not to move."I... I love that you feel this way about me." she says in a very small voice.He is pretty sure he is dead and this is just his brain fading out. The concept of words seems foreign. Somehow you form them he knows."you.... do?" he asks brilliantly."Yes. It's just. I. I have always thought you hated me. I really did. I hated you and hated that too. This. Well I don't care that it's wrong. You love me. I am just so happy I have to..."She works her ass against him. Reaching back to grab his ass so he cannot pull back. Not that he would have but she does not take the chance. He can do nothing but react. Her butt rubbing hard against his cock just blows his mind right out of his head. There is a rush of pleasure. Explosions even before he actually cums. When a moment you have longed for but never believed would happens actually does? There are simply no words for it. How can the years of wanting be expressed? How can you possibly describe the soul-jarring, mind ripping, heart swallowing, pulse pounding... cock throbbing like it will burst.... her softness..... oooooooooooooooooo.....He cums so hard his toes curl. Grinding against her while she pushes back just as hard. She has messed around with some boys and they do get wild but nothing like this. She is almost frightened by the raw intensity of it. But then a smile curves across her face. For her this is the end of a battle. A war with him.And she wins.Even more so when his hand slides across her shoulder to cup her breast. Her nipples have been aching and his palm rubbing across it makes her moan lightly. He squeezes lightly. Treating her with a reverence. Still expecting her to hit him or scream.Instead she pushes his hand between her legs. The soft cotton panties warm. He gasps a little but his fingers stroke. Up and down feeling moisture. She clings to his upper arm. Curling more and more against him. Her breathing faster and heavier with each second. Her hips moving.Her hand snakes out behind her.... down his chest.... to clamp onto his cum soaked cock. Feeling it slick with his cum. He gasps. She gasps. She cums hard. Trying not to scream out she twists her face into the pillow. Her ass smashing her own hand as she humps and pumps."oh. my. god." she whispers out of breath."You liked that?" he asks with a sly smile.She snuggles back against him. Her hand going down into his shorts down. Getting his cum smeared over her hand. Turning to look up at him she brings her fingers up to her lips. Licking along one with a wicked smile on her face."I am going to fuck you to death." she purrs sweetly."Promise?" he asks with a voice so full of hope it is almost painful to hear."I promise. Got a rubber?""Yep.""Get it."He reaches into the bedside drawer. Pulling out the little square packet he watches as she snatches it out of his hand and pushes him onto his back. Sitting up she pulls off her shirt. Her little tits bouncing nicely. She then wiggles out of her panties but he cannot see anything because she won't let him up. He growls a little in frustration.Pushing his shorts down she grabs a shirt off the floor. His dick gets wiped off. He is enjoying the attention and gets hard again. She coos and kissing his cock a few times. Holding it in her hand. A very nice sized piece of man flesh she decides. Not the biggest she has ever seen but close to the biggest she has ever actually had.For him time enters a somewhat slow phase. Everything somehow seems bigger than life. Slower.When she rolls the condom down onto his cock he feels a little shiver.When she turns around and throws her leg over him he sighs.When she reaches down and lifts his cock to brush along her pussy he gives himself over to it.She takes him. Dropping herself slowly down onto his hardness. Working her little ass up and down in short little strokes until finally she is sitting pressed tight against him. Her tight little slit spread wide. The feelings near orgasmic in intensity. She stares down at him. His eyes shine back up at her. His arms come up and pull her down to him.They kiss.Not even a moment's hesitation. Nothing awkward. She drops down onto his lips like she has done it a million times. Lips part and tongues dance. His hands find her ass and she starts to fuck him. He squeezes her backside hard. The kiss becomes many. Long gasps of breath.Bodies pound together. She cannot hold back. The first full slide of his cock and she feels just compelled to fuck him hard. Years of anger come out. Smacking into him over and over and over. She is letting go too.Finally she cannot breath. Pushing her face down to his shoulder and grabbing on she drives faster and faster. The way it hits her is just remarkable. She cums. Hard and wet. But in doing so she pushes him over the edge too. And when she hears and feels him cumming it is a whole new level of pleasure. She feels like she climaxes again and this one is a whole order of magnitude bigger.She bites into his shoulder because if she does not she is going to scream loud enough to wake the whole house. For him the pain is lost. His cock is in total control. No other sensations matter. Mind-blowing. An almost lethal level of pleasure makes his vision darken for a long moment. Blacking out only a nudge away. All he can feel is each pulse. Each jet. Each burst.There is a long drawn out time when they move ever slower. Both so sensitive that every touch is a sigh of pleasure. Bodies locked together.One long kiss as they finally stop. Deep but slow and sensual. Appreciating each other in a new way."You don't lie." he finally manages to croak out."Yes I do. You are still alive. Guess I will just have to keep trying." is the contented response."Promise?"
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