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A Cuckhold's Tale 3

Post #1

A Cuckhold's Tale 3A Cuckold?s Tale 3By: Byron CuckholderI took Will?s massive cock in my hands and began to examine it, explore it as he had instructed. ?Memorize it cunt boy. Study the underside, the veins and the tendon then close your eyes and picture it.? I did as he instructed, observing and memorizing every ridge, depression, fold of skin. ?Now trace it, every detail, first with a finger tip then with tip of your tongue.? I worked with my tongue and fingers to learn his cock from base to head. ?Now, smell it, breathe it in. You will learn to worship my cock.? He had me do the same to the top of his cock, his knob and finally his balls and frenum. Nadya and he laughed, chatted and tongued each other?s mouths as I ministered to Will?s cock. They left me there for an inordinately long time but I dare not stop or diminish my attention in the least.Occasionally, Nadya would take Will?s erect monster of a cock and strike my face with it. They both delighted in watching this and I greedily watched his heavy nuts swing back and forth as she used his cock like a club. Finally Will stopped my examination by shoving me on the forehead, rocking me back onto my haunches. ?Don?t you dare cum, but masturbate as you stare at it. Now, tell me how you love it. How you want it. Speak love to my cock.??I just want to taste it.? I pleaded.?Don?t you listen? Speak to it like a person. Your new lover.? His voice contained a threat.?I want to taste you.? I spoke directly to his prick. ?I want to kiss you, lick you suck on you. I want you to feed me. I?m so delighted that you are fucking my Nadya. I want to watch you stretch her cunt wide and pry open her asshole. I love you. I want to press you against my cheek, smell you, watch you piss, watch you fuck. I ache to suck you off, to choke on you.? I was crimson red from both shame and desire.?Yes, well give it a deep lover?s kiss then get to work on the barbeque and bring me a cold beer. Keep an eye on my beer, don?t let it get empty or warm. My steak will be rare but charred on the outside. If you are a good girl, you can watch me fuck your wife then clean us both up. I might feed you your cock juice then if you don?t fuck up. Now give your lover a kiss and get on with it. He then took my face between his thumb and forefinger squeezing painfully. If you ever cum without permission, I will beat the shit out of you. Do you understand how serious that would be???Yes sir.? I quaked.He took his enormous cock in his right hand and pointed it at me. He arched his back proffering me his tool. I placed my two hands on the back of his cock like on a lover?s neck and gave the head of his cock a passionate tonguing kiss. I moaned in an expression of love. I began to work my tongue into the slit of his mushroomed knob.I served Will a cold beer then hovered over the barbeque tending anxiously to his and Nadya?s steak. Nadya eased up behind me as I cooked. I was naked as ordered and she rubbed her bikini clad body against my back. ?It?s the most gorgeous cock I?ve ever sucked on. Can you smell it on my breath Byron? I?ve had it in my mouth constantly. I can?t get enough of it. My cunt is so full of his loads that it?s oozing down my legs. My ass is fully stuffed too. I wish he had made you clean me up. I?d love to watch you slurp up everything that?s in me. Show us both what a cum lover you really are.? She pressed and rolled her pubic bone against my ass. ?Do you wanna suck on it? Do you wanna watch him fuck me? Spread me open and guide his pole into me? I?m so sore from his monster cock but I want it more and more. I scream like an a****l when he fucks me. I want you to see that. He crams it so far up my twat that I swear I can feel it in my throat and I know there is still more of it that I haven?t taken. I?m soaking from his cum and my own lust for him. He doesn?t want a domestic life Byron. He won't live with us. You are going to rent a place for him on our block.? She reached over me and began fondling my cock. He wants a pool and a spacious home. You will provide for him completely. We will still live as husband and wife and I can tell you what Will wants and what he does to me. I will keep you in chastity and tease and humiliate you nightly. You know how we both get off on that. I love you Byron." He developed a taste for sissy boys in prison and he will train you properly. He wants to have his friends fuck me and you know I have always fantasized over a gangbang. You will be used as a fluffer sucking cocks and keeping them hard for our sessions. Will has it all worked out. ?Keep an eye on his steak and watch his beer. I want to see you perform after dinner.? She rammed a finger deep up my ass. ?Isn?t this just what you wanted my little fairy cockwhore? Your little clit has been stiff ever since you entered the house.?
04-07-2021, at 11:23 AM

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