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Showering With BFF Gets A Little Crazy

Post #1

Showering With BFF Gets A Little Crazy"Do you wanna kiss?" Bailey asked me with a look in her eye I'd never seen before. We were naked in the shower, her hands had been rubbing soap all over me for several minutes and I was feeling kinda turned on by it. Especially considering the way she slowed down around my breasts, her hands lingering as she passed over them. She looked up at me while she caressed me there, her fingers playing over my nipples as she seemed to enjoy touching them. It felt erotic and forbidden.I did want to kiss her, but felt weird about it like it was something we weren't supposed to be doing. Somehow, it was more exciting because of that. "You're eyes say you do..." she said and moved in without me answering. I watched her, feeling my tummy jump on the inside as she pressed her lips against my mouth, wet from the warm water of the shower, her breasts pressing into mine as her arms crept more tightly around my butt, pulling me into her. Her fingers slid lower, pulling gently at my crack.Her tongue probed out and glided across my lips. I opened to allow her into my mouth as we tickled at each other there, her hot breath filling the space between us. All I could think "Ohmygodsohot, ohmygodsohot!" as her hands explored my body. Her breath skipped as I touched her butt for the first time, tracing the crack from the top down, down, until I could feel the tiny iris of her butthole. She pushed her hips into my tummy, widening her cheeks so I could feel more of her. I tickled at her asshole, swirling over it for moment, then reached slightly further until I felt the base of the V of her vagina. She was warmer there. I felt the slippery flow of her wetness as I traced the shape of her slit with my finger. She let out a moan, without parting her lips, the sound entering my mouth directly from hers.Her hand came around to the front of my body, tickling fingertips pulling at my pubes. I wanted her to touch my pussy so badly. I opened my eyes and realized she was watching my reaction, even as our tongues danced together. Her fingers passed across my puss, making me jump slightly, watching the look of desire on her face. She rubbed me op and down, a bit awkwardly as if she didn't know where to touch me. Neither of us had any experience, so I wasn't exactly sure either. She pulled my clit through her fingertips and a surge of pleasure radiated out through my hips and butt."Right there..." I whispered. She rubbed me some more there and my eyelids became heavy with the sensation of it. With one hand she held my butt cheek while she rubbed my pussy with the other. I groped her in the front too, wanting to touch her in the same way. Finding her shaved slit in the front, I began to stroke her from top to bottom, feeling her warm lube cover my fingers. As I caressed her, she fell against me slightly, surrendering to my touch. We locked together, masturbating each other like that in a wet and naked embrace, our mouths hanging open against each other."Oh fukk I'm gonna cum..." she said, her mouth falling against my shoulder as she humped into my hand. I felt my own orgasm gathering to explode. "Ohh, oh, oh, UNNNGGGGHHHHHHH," she struggled against my body as she came, pushing me to the peak with her. Our bodies banged against each other as we fingered each other through the climax. Her ear and her hair were in my mouth as I came and came, the ecstasy of it too wonderful to bear. We quivered and quaked until we held each other there, the pleasure lingering in a soothing afterglow.She looked at me and giggled. We kissed and kissed some more, loving the secret danger of it, having opened this door between us that we could not close!
04-06-2021, at 10:38 PM

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