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Daniel Wolf part 3

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Daniel Wolf part 3. Chapter 5

I spent a lot of time walking around the town. In a matter of days it seems the people had become used to my walking about town. They began to respond to my overtures of friendship with waves and nods. Since I always seem to have a few extra coppers the children became my constant companions . We would end up at either the sausage cart or the sweet shop.

One morning I stepped out my front door. I stretched and took a deep breath of the good clean air. A group of the kids had already gathered and were ready for our walk. A horseman had just entered the square and began riding his beautiful long maned Spirited black mare towards me.

At the same instant one of the younger children burst out of an alleyway and rushed across the square on a collision course with the rider. The mare was startled and reared, putting the child just below those flailing hoofs. The rider appeared to lose his seat. It was if the world had stood still.

I rushed across expecting to see the brutalized body of this small 6 year old. I was shocked at what I had found. In an instant the rider had leaned out and grasped the child by his jerkin and lifted her to straddle the mare in front of the rider.

I don't think the child even was aware of the danger it had been in just momrnts before. Her only thoughts were she was sitting on a horse and she tried to hug the big animal. All the other kids were circling around the horse laughing excitedly. They were yelling "Maggie, Maggie !!! "

Maggie waved at them with a big grin on her face. As I reached up to lift Maggie down, I heard a gasp from Tiiup. "Dan that is Prince Argus ? The Crown Prince."

I looked up just in time for the Prince's hand grabbing me by the shoulder laughing and saying, "How goes it cousin. I am here to deliver a message from King Auric, my father. He wishes for you to travel to your Captial. The assassians guild has been making inroads. We think they are trying to over throw your rule. We think they are moving in with Tarrent's help."

Tiiup touches my mind "Tarrent is the country to our North. They have been trying for years to take over your Duchey.

I offered Prince Argus the use of my tub for a bath. He must have enjoyed the girls ? his bath lasted three hours. After his bath he was well ready for the large meal that Dax had lain out. The Barn Fowl was well roasted and the Lamb stew very savory. The vegetables and the desserts topped off the meal.

Prince Argus filled me in on what he knew of the goings on at Foxwood. We made it an early night he was leaving out 1st thing in the morning as well. Tiiup told me he was courting Princess Jade Lynn of Gromwell. A Royal wedding was in the offing or so it was rumored.

Before dropping off to sleep I thought about Prince Argus' s tale: "The assassins have been killing off your Merchants. At first it was thought to be an illness and their deaths of natural causes till Nobleman Evers who had long suspected his manservant of snitching his Rum, Found him dead with his rum bottle in hand. "

"The potion mistress was summoned, it was soon discovered they had all been poisoned by a subtle almost undetectable poison used primarly by the Assassins Guild." Word was sent to Father's court, and then he sent me on to You. Now it is left up to you to pursue and to punish them."

The next morning at breakfast Prince Argus added that His father King Auric had stated if help be needed to send him word. We discussed the assassins guild, no one seemed to know where they operated from, nor who led them.

Prince Argus headed to Northwest to the Kingdom of LandsMark and his Fathers Court. I headed due North, five days and I would be at Foxwood. Tiiup accompanied me at least I will be able to learn more about this land..

Third day out I begin to hear a voice in my head I looked at Tiiup and she shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know who it can be."

We altered our trek to the NorthEast. The voice though weak came in louder, it was saying "Help me."

Just before dark we came on a gully, the voice seemed to come from it. I dismounted and made my way down in the gully. Tiiup stayed behind me ready for what may come. All I could see was a large lump. The lump mind spoke to me "Set me free... please."

I reached out my hands and felt the strands of a net. There were feathers sticking out of the net. I thought to my self, "What the hell is this?"

Tiiup struck a light and began to build up a fire. Then I heard her catch her breath, " Dan that is a Griffon." I looked closer and could see passed the feathers and see the rear of a lion, The front was the body and wings and head of an Eagle.

The head was bent forward and the wings were pressed downward on the body. "Please...Free Me."

I pulled out my Case knife and began to cut the Griffon's head loose. Once I had cut enough of the strands loose, The Griffon pushed its head through. Then it began to nip the strands of the net. I continued cutting its back and wings free.

After over an hour, the Griffon was free but still weak. Tiiup had been busy and had a number of rabbits which the Griffon ate right down. With each bite it seemed to grow stronger. We spent the night there with the Griffon. She, Lusan, told of her ordeal.


LUSAN'S Story : Chapter six

Griffons mate for life. It takes many years for a mating pair to meet and rarely do they have more then one Chick. It takes three mating's for the sperm to travel far enough to reach an egg. If the cycle is not completed the female will be in agony and will eventually die. The male if unable to complete the cycle, if he knows he can not complete. Such as the death of his mate this will cause him such pain he will embrace the diving death.

She explained. The diving death...The Griffon will fly to heights so high Ice begins to form on his wings. He turns and dives toward the biggest rock he can find and at breakneck speed.... He does not pull up.

Four days ago my mate Bron left me to find a deer for our snack. Instead of a deer he spotted a creature call a Cow. He did not see that the cow was staked out just waiting. Did you know Griffon claws are prised by certain humans, they grind them up. They think it is like a love potion.

Well Bron dove in and grabbed the cow, which caused a sticky net to fall on him and ensnare him. Before he could move he was pierced by no less than seven lances. They seemed to be aware that we hunted in pairs. They set their trap for me.

One thing they didn't seem to be aware of is that the female Griffon is at least twice the size of the male. As I made my approach they were in a hurry and released their net too soon. Although the net did fall around me I had not alit upon the ground nor had I slowed down.

I burst back into the air. The sticky net was imbued with magic and continued to tighten. I made it across the river and to this gully where I landed. The net kept getting tighter and tighter as a last resort I reached out with my mind for two days and nights ...Then I felt your mind and screamed out my peril.

I could feel you coming nearer, I pushed as hard as I could but was growing weak...Then you arrived, a wizard, just what I was in need of at this moment. I was thrilled you were a White Wizard and not a Dark one. A Dark wizard would have meant a life of confinement in a small cage and little food.


"Wow quite a story but I must ask if your mate was killed what happens to you now?"

"But there dear Wizard brings us to the next favor I must ask of you."

"What?" Tiiup began to giggle, I glanced at her and scratched my head.

"Really you would accomplish two things, 1st would be the fertilizing of my egg continuing our line. 2nd it would relieve my pain and save my life."

"But...but... You mean you wish me to have sex with you?"

Lusan joined Tiiup as they both chuckled, then Lusan said , "Yes that is exactly what I mean. As I told you it takes three matings for the sperm to reach an egg. We only had two matings, one more is needed to complete the cycle. If it is not done I will eventually die in agony. It just needs that push."

"But I don't think I could even get an erection... I mean ...C'mon a Lions butt just doesn't excite me."

Tiiup smiled, "I can help there." She opened her robe and was nude underneath. I felt a rise in my pants. She opened my pants and reached inside. She grasped a hold of me and lead me to the rear of Lusan. I could smell her aroma I could tell she was in Heat.

Tiiup led me to her and placed my little head at her opening. Lusan backed up impaling herself. I gasped for breath, her precious jewel was like a raging furnace. She gasped, Bron was longer but you are much. Much wider. In seconds our movements were as one. Lusan did not move much of her outside body but... her insides were active especially her repoductive system.

(Her explanation of how her body worked was true as she knew it. The part she didn't know is as follows. The first mating Bron's sperm is active but does not reach the egg or eggs. The second mating Bron's sperm, which is inert, pushes the sperm from the first mating but still doesn't reach the eggs.

Bron's third mating would have pushed the first sperm making contact with an egg. And causing an embryo to form. The sperm from the second and third mating's are purely for motion, they are inert. And there is where the difference occurs.)

I continued to plunge into her heated ever pulsating pussy. I was quickly reaching the point of no return. My whole body began to tingle, I slammed forward and deeply Lusan clamped down and I opened the flood gates. Seconds later Lusan drenched me in her juices.

(Now the difference, my sperm pushed Bron's sperm to contact an egg as planed. But my sperm was stronger than both of Bron's sperm and it was active not inert. It pushed forward like an arrow straight to another egg. Now there were two embryos ? two babies, one Griffon and One Griffon/human Changeling which would also be a wizard.)

Lusan said, "Now I am complete and I thank you." She bent her head down to her breast and plucked an Eagle feather with her beak and offered it to me. I took it from her, "Thank you again Daniel Wolf. If you ever need my help...pull out my feather and call to me." Instantly she lifted off and was gone.

I heard an eagles scream and looked up in time to see Lusan wave her wings and fly away. I looked over at Tiiup. "I wonder what is next?"


Tiiup and I talked about our time with Lusan and from what we could piece together Her adventure had taken place in Tarrent.... One more reason to try to bring them down. Nothing else happened the rest of our trip.Late on the 5th day of our trip our destination was in sight. We decided to make camp and arrive early the next morning.

I spread our ground sheet under a spreading Oak tree. I lay back against my saddle and Tiiup lay her head on my chest. Near mid night I felt her hands moving inside my shirt. I wasn't sure if she was awake or dreaming. She also had her leg upon mine and it was moving up and down. That is when I decided it didn't matter if she was awake or not. I reached down and lifted her tiny body and sat her on my cock.

As she sank down I could hear her in-drawn breath. She sat silently for a few seconds, then she looked up at me and smiled. Her hips began to move in a rotating direction. The next in-drawn breath ...was mine. Soon we were in sync and sweat was rolling off of us...but who noticed.

I stroked her body, Tiiup was so small that I couldn't reach her tits with my mouth but I could sure reach them with my hands. I gently stroked them and occasionally twisted and pinched her nipples. Her reactions was of desire as if to say do it again...which I did.

There was no rush we were slow and methodical I would meet her downward stroke with an upward thrust.She began to shudder on her down stroke. This was enough to reach my core I was trying to wait for her but the shudders was the final straw and I let loose as I rammed it home. It must have been what she was waiting for, she bathed me. We cuddled together still connected and went to sleep.

I opened my eyes just a crack. I have always been alert to silence when it shouldn't be silent. Less than 50 feet away in front of me crouching and crawling towards us was a panther. A coal black panther in stealth mode.. I realized my right hand was laying on the butt of my shotgun.

My slight movement as I gripped the .12 ga. Was not missed by the Panther. It began a rapid advance never coming out of his crouch. I swiveled The .12ga and fired the panther dropped to the ground. If it was dead it would be a miracle shot'

I looked the big cat over and found only one mark... One buckshot had hit the Panther in the head a glancing blow. It didn't even break the skin but it rendered it unconcious I looked over at Tiiup, she had a sad look on her face.

"Do we really have to kill it?"

I smiled, "Not if we can get away before it awakens." I grabbed my back pack and we high tailed it out of there. I would have loved to seen the look on the big cats face when he awoke..

We didn't stop til we were some distance away. While we were traveling Tiiup was dropping leaves of a plant that resambled Catnip. She said it would mess with the Panthers sense of smell.

As we traveled on, my mind toyed with what I knew and screanmed at what I didn't know. I was going to be forced to deal with assassins I think I am out of my depths. I also realized that without Tiiup I would probably already be dead.
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