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A Visit To My Office

Post #1

We were talking all day going back and forth on the computer, keeping in touch. We tease each other about things and see how work is going, it has been a nice day and chatting with you has made the day go fast. You say you are signing off at 3:00 pm because you have an appointment and will see me later. I wish you a good night and go back to work, making sure the end of the day goes smoothly for me. I am thinking of you and how I will miss you until the next day but can't wait either to talk to you again. I go to my office when I hear a knock on the door. I get up and open it, you are there, I am surprised but glad to see you and bring you into my office. I give you a hug and move to sit down, offering you a seat. You sit and we talk, you said you just wanted to see me and took a chance coming over. I have no problem with that, seeing you is always a good thing for me.

I move over to stand next to you, your body heat making me hard, I grab hold of you pulling up against my body our lips meet. Our tongues are playing with each other as we continue to kiss and my hands move to your tits, pinching your nipples through your clothes. I break my hold on you to pull your shirt and bra off, your bare skin exposed and I tell you how hard my cock is as I pull your nipples into kuşadası escort my mouth, sucking and gently biting on them, making them hard. My hands move down your back as I grab and squeeze your ass, my mouth sucking on your nipples. Your hand moves to my pants opening them and pulling my cock out so you can stroke it. I pull away and grab your pants pulling them and your panties off at the same time telling you I want your sweet pussy.

I pull you over to my desk and put you on top spreading your legs and putting them on my shoulders as I bury my face between your legs. I start licking and sucking on your pussy, using my hands to spread your lips wide so I can focus on your clit. My hands are grabbing your tits and pinching your nipples as I pull your clit into my mouth, sucking it in. Your juices are flowing, my face soaked, you are moaning out as I slide a vibrator inside your pussy and turn it on. My tongue and the vibrator working together to get you to cum and you moan out as you cum hard. I let your legs down as I move over to you, laying you on the desk and sliding my hard cock into your mouth. Your head is draped over the side as I am sliding into your mouth; telling you to suck me good, take my cock into your mouth.

My hands continue to play with your tits and nipples while you suck my cock. I tell you I am going to cum and bury my cock in your mouth as I begin shooting my cum down your throat. I then take my shirt off and pull you around to one side of the desk bending you over and shoving my cock right into your pussy. I tell you how good and tight you are as I am slamming myself in and out of you. My cock is thrusting into you as you feel me pour some lube on your ass and massage it into you. You ask what I am doing and I tell you don't worry you are mine and I am going to use your ass as you feel a vibrator slide into you. You now have my cock in your pussy and the vibrator in your ass and I am pounding away, moaning and groaning out in pleasure.

You tell me to fuck you harder and I do, pulling on your hips. I am slapping your ass with one hand as I keep sliding the vibrator in and out of you. I leave the toy buried in your ass as I grab your hair telling you how good your pussy feels and I am close to cumming. I tell you I want to look at you and pull out, lifting you onto the desk as I slide my cock back into you. I am fucking you and looking into your eyes, telling you how great you feel wrapped around my cock. I then take another vibrator and slide it right onto your clit, telling you I want both of us to cum. This sends you over, cumming hard as I pull out my cock but keep fucking your ass with one vibrator and massaging your clit with the other. I then come around holding you down on the desk and slide my wet cock into your mouth, telling you to suck and lick me, make me cum. I keep sliding in and out of your mouth looking into your eyes telling you to suck me, I want to cum in your mouth again. You are sucking me hard and your tongue is gliding along the underside of my cock until I moan out and shoot my cum down your throat again.

We are talking and relaxing when my cock gets hard again and I tell you one more before we leave and I move behind you and enter your pussy, slamming it all the way in. I tell you I just want to cum and start pounding in and out of you, fast and hard. I grab your hips with one hand and pull your hair with the other so you can look behind yourself and into my eyes. I keep fucking you, hard and deep until I tell you I am going to cum one more time and pull out to shoot my cum all over your ass. I then tell you as I am starting to relax again that I have something for you and start wiping off my cum and feeding it to you.

As we finish I wipe you off and we get dressed, kissing again, our tongues playing with each other until we are ready. We then leave together chatting and spending some more time together before we part.
02-28-2024, at 09:51 PM

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