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A Weekend Away

Post #1

It was about three in the afternoon when I drove up to the cabin. On the way over, I had had time to think about what I was doing. I still hadn't figured it out. This whole trip was so unlike me! The cabin was quaint and cozy, nestled in the mountains surrounded by evergreens and snow. "Charming," I thought, as I made my way to the door. Inside, the first thing I noticed was a warm fire blazing.

"Did you have any trouble finding it?" Brandon asked me.

"Nope, your directions were great!" I replied as I took off my coat.

"Good" he smiled. He had a great smile.

As he showed me around the tiny cabin, I again wondered why I had agreed to come here. We had met a week ago through a mutual friend. It was lust at first sight. This was our first chance to get together, and I have no idea what made me agree to come to this cabin with him. Usually, my standard first date was dinner and maybe drinks afterward, definitely not a weekend away in a secluded spot. Maybe I was feeling especially adventurous that day. Maybe it was all the beer and the fact that it had been too damn long since I had been with a man. At any rate, I did accept. I didn't turn the car around when I started having second thoughts, and third thoughts, and. . . . you get the idea. Deep down, I must admit I was excited about doing something new and out of character. Besides, there was just something about him that I liked. Maybe it was his genuine smile or the way his eyes lit up when he laughed. And he was so damn good looking. Gorgeous really. He had dark skin and thick dark hair that contrasted sharply with his clear blue eyes. He had a muscular frame, and the thought of being held in his arms made my heart skip a beat.

Brandon went to the kitchen to get some wine as I sat down on the couch. As he returned with the wine, I complimented him on the décor of the cabin. I'm a sucker for antiques, and the place was full of them. There were ladder back chairs, tables, and carved statues. The whole place smelled woodsy and seemed somehow homey. Maybe it was the wine, but I was beginning to forget my misgivings and enjoy myself. We talked some more; he was excited about a new promotion, but worried about his boss. While I listened, I wondered how I looked to him. I knew I was pretty; I had wavy blonde hair and blue eyes, and, if I do say so myself, perfect pouty lips. As far as my figure goes, it was classic hourglass with plenty of curves. (I had to work to keep them from becoming too plenty.)

My mind focused again on the conversation just in time to hear him ask me if I wanted anything to eat.

"No, I had a late lunch on my way here. I'm fine for now"

I smiled at him, and as I gazed into his eyes in the flickering firelight my breath caught in my throat. He slowly leaned in to kiss me. At first the kiss was soft, gentle. Then my lips parted and his warm tongue slipped between them. His body pressed close to mine, and as he gentled nibbled on my bottom lip I couldn't help but sigh. He kissed me again-harder and more passionately. With one hand unbuttoning my blouse, he ran his other hand up and down my back. My heart began to pound in my chest. "What am I doing here? " I thought to myself. This is so unlike me. I should really put a stop to this. We had only just met! What would the man think of me! I tried to find the words to stop this, but they wouldn't come. While my mind said I shouldn't do this, my body was responding to his touch. I wanted him so badly!

Brandon started kissing my neck as he pushed my shirt off of my shoulders. Expertly, he undid my bra. He pulled back to look. As his gaze wandered over my generous, teardrop breasts, I felt my nipples harden. I could tell he liked what he saw. "They're perfect," he whispered. He traced the outline of my nipple with his finger, causing it to become even harder. He cupped my tits in his hands and covered my nipples with his warm mouth. He licked them, sucked on them, and bit them. "Oh god," I groaned and pushed his hand down between my legs. I no longer had any reservations about this. I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to fuck him. He kissed my mouth hard as he undid my zipper and pulled off my jeans. He ran his fingers up my thighs and felt the heat and wetness coming from between my legs. As he sucked on my breast he began to massage my clit. I arched my back and gasped from the pleasure of it. "You like that, huh" he whispered.

"Oh yes, god yes" I gasped. I pushed his hand away. This was too much too soon. There were so many thoughts running through my head. How did he do this to me? One minute I was having a pleasant conversation, and the next thing I know I'm naked and at the mercy of a man I hardly knew. I had to get in control. I sat up and kissed him, exploring his mouth with my tongue.

I ran my tongue over his teeth. Slipping off his shirt, I started to nibble and lick around his nipples. I ran my fingers over his hard muscles and gently bit his earlobe. I dropped my hands to his waist and unbuttoned his jeans. Kneeling, I undid the zipper with my mouth, while my hands massaged his ass. I pulled down his boxers and cupped his massive balls in my hand. His cock was huge and swollen with his desire. I purposefully refused to touch it, making him ache for it all the more. He noticed this and grunted his displeasure. Laughing at his impatience I teased him some more. I moved on top of him and let my hair fall on his chest. I kissed his neck and brushed the tips of my nipples against his chest. I could feel his hard dick pushing between my legs. Slowly, I moved downward so I was facing his dick.

Now, I was in control. I felt better about my actions; somehow now I could justify having sex with a virtual stranger. Very gently, I traced my fingers up and down the length of his cock. I licked his balls and took them gently in my mouth while I covered his dick with my hands. I felt his body become taunt with pleasure. I started to lick his dick up and down and gently kissed the head. Already beads of cum were appearing. Slowly, I covered the tip of his cock with my mouth. He gave a little gasp as I pushed it further in my mouth. Ever so slowly, I pulled my head back, releasing his dick. I massaged his balls and nibbled down the sides of his shaft. Again, I pushed his cock in and out of my mouth and played my tongue around his shaft. I sucked hard and licked again. I tightened my lips around his shaft and squeezed as I moved up and down on his cock. I felt him tense for an instant and then he pumped my mouth full of his cum. I washed it down with the rest of my wine and waited for his reaction. He lay with his eyes closed and a small smile on his face for a second, "Now that was a blow job!" he said. I laughed; glad I had pleased him so much.

"Want some more wine?" I asked, casually.

"I want you!" he growled. He pushed me down into the shag rug in front of the fire. He began to explore my body with his hands. I was losing control again, and this time there was nothing I could do to stop it. At this point, though, losing control did not seem like such a bad thing. He had me totally swept away. His fingers seemed like they were everywhere at once. I closed my eyes as his mouth began its exploration. He kissed me all over my body. He sucked on my tits and played around my nipples with his tongue. He ran his tongue from my chest down and circled my belly button. I felt his mouth gently probing between my thighs, and soon I felt his tongue teasing my clit. It began to move back and forth over the lips of my cunt. His hands grabbed my ass as he plunged his tongue deep in my pussy. I moaned aloud as his tongue swirled around my clit and quickly brought me to the brink of orgasm.

He gently sucked on my clit as he pushed his fingers deep inside me. I screamed as my body shuddered and exploded. Afterwards, I lay gasping, but not for long. He wiped my wetness from his mouth and gazed at me for a second. His hands began to rub over my body as he moved over me. I was in heaven. He bit my lower lip and squeezed my tit in one hand and rubbed my thigh with his other. He pushed my legs open and slowly inserted his long cock into my wet, steaming pussy. He began to move it in and out, slowly, so slowly it was almost teasing me. I begged him to go faster, and harder, but he wouldn't, not yet. It felt so good that I could hardly stand it, but too slow to be fulfilling. I could feel every inch of him enter me and slide back out. It was agonizing, but so wonderful! Finally, he pulled out-leaving us both unfulfilled.

Looking at him, I was surprised to hear myself begging him to fuck me. "Who is this woman who has taken over my body?" I wondered. "Please, fuck me!" I pleaded. I grabbed his cock in one hand and with the other pulled him down onto me. He smiled and entered me hard. He began thrusting with a fast, hard rhythm. I matched it, arching my back to meet him. We were wild, almost animalistic in our passion. He continued to pound himself deep into me, over and over. In his excitement, he grabbed my tit and bit down hard. His other hand groped my thigh and pulled me to him even harder. I moaned in pleasure and gasped as his thrusting took my breath away.

He was so rough and so gentle at the same time. His dick rubbed my clit in the best possible way and my pussy squeezed his shaft as he moved back and forth over me. My body shuddered as I neared orgasm. Sweat glistened off his arms as he crushed me too him. He pinched my nipple and one more thrust brought me to climax. My body writhed in his arms with spasms of the highest pleasure. He thrust again and once more before he shot his cum deeply inside of me. I sighed in delight when he finally released me and pulled away. "Wow" was all I could get out. It was the most amazing sex of my life. Finally, I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was smiling, and he looked as spent and as fulfilled as I felt.

"Hungry now?" Brandon asked, pulling me to my feet.

"Starved" I said, breathlessly. He kissed me again, and led me to the kitchen.
02-28-2024, at 09:51 PM

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